Dancing Ghosts | Halloween Craft for Toddlers

It is that time again when the spooky spirits and creepy ghouls rise in the neighbourhood—it’s Halloween!!! We have some frightful craft ideas that will keep the children busy and entertained…

Step 1.

Organise all of your materials.

What you will need:

  • A large piece of white paper (A4 or bigger – you can also use a few squares of kitchen paper)
  • A white plastic bag
  • Wool String
  • Craft Eyes
  • A stick
  • Glue
  • Sticky Tape

Step 2.

Start by creating a large ball by scrunching the paper.

Step 3.

Place the paper inside the end of the plastic bag and secure at the base of the ball with the wool string to form a floating head.

Step 4.

Add eyes and finally, using another piece of wool or string, fasten one end to the top of the head with sticky tape and wrap the other end around the stick and fasten with sticky tape.

And there you have your ghouly ghost dancing on the end of a string!

Another variation would be to place a stick inside the scrunched ball and then tie off to create the head. This will form a stick puppet.

Warning: Please always be careful when using or playing with sticks.   Supervision whilst playing is advised.

Dancing Ghosts

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