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Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill Conservation Park has an amazing array of walking and cycling tracks; from beginner to advanced. These tracks are well maintained and offer an exciting day out for the whole family, including your four legged members.

The Daisy Hill Quarry at Buhot Creek Circuit is a wonderful discovery that will entrance your Brisbane Kids. This trail starts from the upper day-use area, which is the first car park on the right before the main gates.

Wildlife spotting in Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill Conservation Park is home to a wide variety of native animals and insects and, as we set off down Buhot Creek Circuit and wandered through the forest, we were surrounded by bird song. We also kept a keen eye out for sleepy koalas in the trees overhead and spotted red-necked wallabies and swamp wallabies as we followed the rocky terrain.

Walking tracks through the Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

The Buhot Creek Circuit is a level 3 walking track with a formed track and some long graduating hills. The walk to the quarry is approximately 3km. We set off on a fresh winter’s day with our 4, 6 and 7 year olds, and 6 month old puppy. The terrain can be a little unsteady underfoot as it is a gravel road, but it is relatively easy going and the hills. Whilst the hills can be long, they are not at a great incline. As we strolled through the forest the children found many points of interest—posts that reminded them of Ned Kelly’s armour, furry caterpillars, insect skeletons, and many fallen trees to climb, balance and jump from. We took our time and had a few breaks along the way, enjoying the forests natural beauty and play equipment. A fallen tree with massive root system was a fabulous mountain to conquer and another was just the perfect place to practice our balancing skills.

Exploring Daisy Hill Quarry

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Soon we came to the sign for the old quarry. With great anticipation, the children sped down the gravely hill until we heard a collective “WOW!” Filled with water, the old quarry has become a lake; full of lillypads and wonder. The water is very clear at the banks edge, and we immediately found a friendly yabby in the shallows. There is a great view from a picnic bench above the quarry, so it was here that we set up for our picnic lunch—what a fantastic view for a meal! The quarry feels a million miles from civilisation and the quietness, along with the peaceful water view, was amazing.

The children soon discovered new nature play adventures, with a rock climbing wall on a small cliff face. This kept them entertained for quite some time as they raced each other to the top.

Completing Buhot Creek Circuit

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

The return trip from the Daisy Hill Quarry can be done in two ways. Either follow the path around the quarry and link back to the Buhot Creek Circuit, or simply turn around and go back the way you came. If you decide to take the path around the quarry, be aware that you will have no view of the lake and it is uphill for a short way. This also adds about another kilometre to the journey. We did it on this particular adventure, but probably wouldn’t do it again as it wasn’t as enjoyable as the walk to the quarry. This track is popular with cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers, so be mindful of all patrons using the circuit.

Things to know before you visit Daisy Hill Conservation Park:

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

  • Pack zip-lock bags so that you can take your rubbish home.
  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times and walk them only on shared trails.

Essentials to bring:

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

  • A day pack, including water and snacks.
  • Rubbish bags to take rubbish home—no bins are provided.
  • Protective clothing, a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent for protection from the sun and biting insects.
  • Sturdy shoes for walking or riding.
  • Binoculars to assist in spotting koalas and other wildlife.

How to get to Daisy Hill Conservation Park:

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Exit the Pacific Highway on to Chatswood Road, south of Springwood. Follow Chatswood Road and then turn left onto Daisy Hill road, which eventually enters the Daisy Hill Conservation Park. The first carpark on the right-hand side is an ideal place to park for your Daisy Hill Quarry adventure.

There are lots of great places to Explore Brisbane as a family! Nearby locations include Venman Reserve and Underwood Park in Priestdale, that now features a new Spielart playground – Funderwood Hollow.

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