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What Is The Daddy Shop About?

The Father and Son Picnic is coming up, but Daddy can’t go with Tai because he’s working. When Tai hears about The Daddy Shop, he takes matters into his own paws and tries out some new daddies. Around-the-House Daddy loves doing chores and Out-and-About Daddy plays all day long. But which one will be the best one for Tai? Could it be that he had the most perfect Dad all along?

Main Themes

“Love it or hate it, being a parent is about being a superhero in your kids’ eyes. Parenting is one of the most difficult, confusing, selfless things you’ll ever do in your entire life. Luckily, it’s also the most wonderful, rewarding, fun and amazing thing you’ll ever do too.” – Aleesah Darlison.

Author Aleesah Darlison says she wrote The Daddy Shop to take a humorous look at children’s often literal, sometimes fickle, viewpoint on parents and their ‘availability’ to satisfy every child’s need.

“Many parents – not just dads – have to work and this does impact their children, especially if there’s a special event on the horizon that the parent can’t attend,” says Aleesah. “The Daddy Shop is designed to unite working parents and their children in a fun way and to engage them in discussion about family relationships, the importance of making time to be together and, of course, to get families reading together.”

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Why We Love the Book

A little Panda getting cross with his Daddy for working too much, and hitting the shops for a replacement, makes for a pretty cute story. We can all relate to parent guilt, so it’s nice that the child in this story comes to appreciate how just how wonderful and irreplaceable his Daddy really is.

Picture Books They Might Like If They Like Daddy’s Shop

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About the Author of Daddy’s Shop

Aleesah Darlison is an award-winning Australian children’s author who writes picture books, chapter books and novels. She has written over 35 books and has won numerous awards for her writing. When Aleesah isn’t creating entertaining and enchanting stories, she’s usually looking after her four very energetic and imaginative children.

Daddy’s Shop is published by Wombat Books and you can buy it here

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