Currumbin Rock Pools

Currumbin Rock Pools

It’s no secret that Brisbane locals and visitors are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to freshwater swimming holes for kids.  The Currumbin Rock Pools, just 12km up the valley from Currumbin Beach is one such natural treasure just waiting to be enjoyed.

What is there to love about Currumbin Rock Pools?

The Currumbin Rock Pools are a stretch of smooth sloping rocks, large boulders and pebbled pathways all rested within fresh mountain waters – both deep and shallow.  Miniature rapids dance alongside and into tranquil and cool pools which in turn meander gracefully around natural rock pathways.

Swimming at Currumbin Creek

Starting up one end of Currumbin Creek is a small waterfall fast-moving water and smooth rocks which creates a natural waterslide with a shallow pool below. This is also a good spot for the kids to clamber over the rocks and explore the other side of the creek. Be mindful that the rocky bottom can be rather slippery and is uneven.

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On the other side of the swimming hole is a popular spot for thrill-seekers to climb up the rocks and jump in. Caution is advised as it is very difficult to gauge water depth, it does vary, and is equally difficult to identify submerged dangers. The council have signage in place warning of such dangers don’t recommend the practice. While this area is large enough for water play toys and floatation devices, on a busy day they may become a nuisance. It is not suitable for kayaks, paddleboards or similar.

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Downstream the water gets quite deep as it leads to the large swimming hole. In the main swimming area, the bank has a gradual dirt entry which gets deep quite quickly. The uneven bottom, the large scattered rocks and limited visibility make this area a little tricky, but all the more fun. Adults will find themselves unable to touch the bottom within a few meters of the bank.

Owing to the depth and width of this section the water flow is fairly slow. The fresh mountain water is crisp and refreshing and is a lovely change from sea or pool water.

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Then further downstream again the water level drops, it is shallow enough to simply wade about. This area is mainly knee deep, however, there are a few deeper pockets so keep a close eye on small children. As the creek narrows the water flow speeds up making it ideal float leaves down the stream. Kids could make boats with sticks and leaves to float downstream. Again, the rocky bottom may be slippery so caution is advised.

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How to get to Currumbin Rock Pools

The picturesque route through the lush Currumbin Valley and into the mountains where the Currumbin Creek begins is a great pathway to the pools.  Although the route is well signposted and easy to find you may be forgiven if at first, you drive straight past.  The rock pools are down in a valley and if it wasn’t for the colourful line of cars that rested in rows under the trees along the roadside you might miss the main sign. Take the Stapley Drive/Reedy Creek exit from the Pacific Motorway (about one hour 15 minutes from Brisbane) and then enjoy the view as you drive through both Currumbin (and Tallebudgera) valleys.

As you head into Currumbin Valley don’t be deterred by the odd rain shower which is commonplace on overcast days.

Currumbin Rock Pool Facilities

The area surrounding the pools is flat and grassed with several gazebos with picnic tables and bbq facilities set up.  There is a  toilet block (with wheelchair-accessible toilets on site) and the large green grounds are perfect to throw down a blanket for a family picnic or play a game of cricket or Frisbee. 

If you don’t want to bring your own food there is a café across the road which will also do takeaway if you wish to bring it back to the pools. It is a popular spot so don’t rely on getting one of the gazebos especially on a weekend or during school holidays.

Carparking can be an issue as there is a small bitumen car park along the roadside and limited parking on the side of the road. It is popular on a hot summer’s day and during school holidays. Our advice would be to get there early in the day to reserve a space and make the most of your visit.

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What to take with you

  • Food, water and picnic gear. While there is a cafe, this is the ultimate place for a Gold Coast picnic.
  • Hats. Queensland is the Sunshine State of Australia and gets its reputation because of its long and sunny days.
  • Sunscreen. Same reason as above.
  • Insect repellent (because #straya)
  • Rock Shoes. Not essential but certainly make it easier for kids to keep their footing.
  • First aid kit. Err on the side of caution. This is Australia!
  • A Camera or Iphone to capture the moment
  • Swimming vests are a good idea for kids that can’t swim though there are plenty of shallow spots
  • The mobile phone reception in this area is unreliable, it would be wise to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

currumbin picnic areas

A video to show you Currumbin Creek

We thought the best way to show you what is on offer at Currumbin Creek is via this candid youtube video which shows not only the drive there but also different places to swim and dive once you get there. Please be safe, don’t take unnecessary risks and be mindful of obstacles in the water before you dive. Just because locals are diving from some of the greater heights doesn’t mean that it is safe. This video also shows the sawmill and has taken some poetic license with local stories and urban myths (though will give you some idea of what to expect from your surrounds). There are no lifeguards at Currumbin Creek so you swim, dive and participate at your own risk, be safe!

Other things to do on your trip to Currumbin

If you want to pack even more into your day whilst you are in the area then Mount Cougal National Park and its Cougal Cascades are only 6km away.  Long Tan Park is right next door to the Currumbin Rock Pools.  Someone has put up a long rope swing from one of the branches which the kids all love. You may also notice a sign for Currumbin Community Farm Campus across the road from the rock pools that advertised farm animal feeding every Sunday from 10am – 2pm.  Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is not far away and we often have discounted tickets which you can find via our Gold Coast Discounts page.

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