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Finally, a playground planned with careful consideration and designed for the broader community. Everyone is catered for; two storey towers for the adventurous, boisterous climbers and a specifically designed space for kids who prefer the quieter, introverted type of play with a variety of tactile stimulus. Also installed is specifically engineered play equipment to allow children with physical limitations to play alongside their peers. Already popular with the locals, we suspect when word gets out this will be a very popular place to visit.

CREEC musical equipment

CREEC Playground

The first piece of playground equipment the kids will make a dash for is the large flying fox structure. Sitting adjacent to the usual flying fox is a modified flying fox suitable for children who have physical limitations. The chair of the modified flying fox has a high back, with a solid plastic harness which locks into place. It is large (we tried it out for you) with a small adult fitting comfortably in it. A rubberised path means wheelchairs and mobility aids can be pushed right up to the chair, which isn’t terribly high. It’s heart-warming to see such thought and effort has gone into ensuring more children have the opportunity to have that free-flying sensation that comes from riding a flying fox.

CREEC flying fox

Next to the flying fox is the spinning turntable, which has room for a wheelchair and is flush with the ground for easy access. It’s amazing how many kids will fit on it! Beside that is the conveyor belt, we’re not sure exactly what it was designed to do, but it’s interesting to watch how the kids interpret it and use it differently. 

creec all abilities playground

On the other side of the park are the climbing towers. The two towers are connected by a tunnel with a peek a boo window on the upper level and a wobbly bridge on the lower level. Climbing nets and ropes provide ample opportunity to get bodies moving, and slides of all sizes for all ages.

CREEC slide

There is a ramp-up to the small slides, smaller climbing walls and a cargo net with tighter weaving for smaller feet. This same ramp is wide enough for a wheelchair to navigate, and along it are interactive panels. Spinners, sliders, levers, naughts and crosses and a post box. A small hut provides a quieter space with cups that move, naughts and crosses game and other levers and spinning objects.

CREEC playhut

Imagination Factor

For the kids, there are opportunities to climb the cargo nets like pirates and reach the crow’s nest. Scurry across the wobbly bridge and cargo net, but watch out for the crocodiles below. Wander up the ramp and deliver the mail into the post box. Jump from sandstone block to sandstone block like a ninja or use them as a stage for a performance. Simply enjoy the freedom of soaring like an eagle on the flying foxes.  There are numerous animal statues dotted around playground, both high and low, so you could have a game of iSpy. There are so many possibilities.

CREEC koala


Inclusivity was a key factor in the designing and implementation of this community space. There is a carpark with two disability parking bays which are connected to the play space by concrete paths. The toilet block is easily accessed via flat wide pathways and the shelters have space around the tables to fit wheelchairs and prams. (These are outside the fenced play space).


Because of the size of the playground, not all areas area shaded, though there are newly planted trees which will provide shade in time to come and the fort is partially shaded by shade sails. A concrete path runs around the outside of the play equipment and joins each of the elements making accessibility easier.

Really make a day of it and go walking on one of the tracks, they are set in both natural and man-made ecosystems and vary in length from 400m to 1.5km. They are flat and made from crushed rock, making them wheelchair and pram friendly in fair weather.

CREEC track 1

CREEC Playground features

  • Two fully fenced playgrounds
  • Accessible toilets
  • Large playground (fully fenced)
    • Bark and rubber base
    • Flying foxes – one modified for children with additional needs
    • Roundabout
    • Kiddie conveyor
    • Bucket swing
    • Large fort
    • Climbing opportunities
    • Wobbly bridge
    • Toddler sized climbing walls
    • Four slides of varying sizes
    • Tunnels
    • Play panels
    • Musical equipment
    • Mailbox
    • Sensory hut with spinners, sliders and levers
  • Smaller Playground (fully fenced)
    • Sand and bark based
    • Partially shaded
    • Slide
    • Rocker
    • Hand digger
    • Bridge
  • Water Bubblers
  • BBQ’s
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Large grassed area outside fenced playground
  • Small cafe onsite (check website for opening hours)
  • Environmental Education Centre (adjacent to playgrounds)
  • Community Nursery
  • Walking tracks
  • Toilets
  • Off-street parking

There is a small onsite cafe (Warba Warba) which serves coffee and snacks. The cafe is manned by volunteers from the Morayfield and District Lions Club, and is open on select days. Check their website or Facebook for up-to-date opening hours.

Another wonderful playground nearby is Symphony Crescent Park

How to get here

The Caboolture Region Environment Education Centre is located at 150 Rowley Road, Burpengary.

Center map


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