Creative Story Stones

creative story stones

Review of Creative Story Stones thanks to early educator Angela Hudson who was gifted the story stones as part of this review. 

The buzz of animated conversation among young children is music to any parent or teachers’ ears. It means that oral language is stimulating ideas and deep learning is happening. There are many tools and ideas floating around the internet to help develop these vital skills.

How Creative Story Stones assist with learning

Creative Story Stones can be used for a wide variety of applications, from assisting students with special needs to communicate, to sequencing ideas when coming up with ideas for storytelling and stimulating responses to writing tasks. They are designed to be used by children over the age of 3, however I have found that younger children enjoy playing with the stones and talking about the pictures. Older children (up to 10) have used these in small groups to create stories, jokes, assist in making sense of personal problems such as friendship issues and to help calm them during times of stress.

creative story stones

Their simplicity makes the versatile

Creative Story Stones are not only a useful resource, they are versatile, easily transported (ie thrown in a nappy or handbag) highly tactile and durable. They are formed using a strong and lightweight resin. Each stone has a bright and appealing picture securely embedded onto the smooth surface and will not scratch or peel off. Each of the 20 stones is designed in a way that allows for open ended ideas to develop. They are contained in a drawstring calico bag that is easy to store and simple to transport. They certainly hit the mark with my personal requirements when looking for resources as they are very high quality, appealing, affordable and very can be used in so many different ways.

In fact, I was quite astonished at how expansive they are within the classroom setting. The children used them far and beyond what I had anticipated. They stacked them to explain mathematical concepts, sequenced them to explain deep thinking and reasoning about their ideas and opened up the other students’ minds to possible ideas they wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

I have no doubt I will be using them with regularity, both at home with my own children and within my class writing and language routines.

Currently, the Story Stones are available exclusively from ‘Cute As’

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