Creative Collages with Kids

Collage is the assemblage of various scraps of fabric, paper, card, and other odds and ends glued or taped on paper. Children love feeling different textures, looking at different colours, scrunching, cutting and gluing on paper. Collage is great for little imaginations, and the options are endless. Suitable for kids aged 2+

You Will Need:

  • Large piece of paper
  • Scraps of various papers (coloured, tissue, crepe), card (smooth, corrugated), cellophane, felt, newspaper, feathers, ribbon, stickers, magazines, catalogues.
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Glue or tape

Making Creative Collages with Kids

Step 1

Lay out the various collage items on a table .

Step 2

Provide children with the large piece of paper and glue, tape and scissors. Suggest to children to look at and feel the various items you have provided and think about what they would like to do with them: cut, scrunch, roll, twist, layer, glue, tape, rip, etc.

Step 3

Let the magic and freedom of collage begin.


  • Provide a large range of different items – perhaps look around the house and even outside to find some items – this could be a fun game of collecting prior to the creating.
  • Pre-cut papers/card for kids under the age of 3, or eliminate scissors altogether and suggest they tear paper to make smaller pieces. This can give a very interesting look when glued, and children have lots of fun ripping paper!
  • Demonstrate different types of techniques by creating your own collage alongside the child. Talk through the steps you are taking to make your collage ‘Now I am scrunching’ ‘Twisting’ ‘Rolling to make a bridge’. Ask the child what they are doing as they are creating.
  • Look at Collage artists and artworks on the internet and discuss .
  • Look at some picture books that use collage – such as Eric Carle.
  • Try creating a nature collage using leaves, feathers, sand, other small items collected from outside.

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