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crayon rocks

It may sound crazy, but last month I put all of my childrens expensive Crayolas and animal shaped crayons into a bag, hid them deep in the linen closet and committed my family to the great “Crayon Swap”.

Crayons designed FOR fine motor skills

Why have I ditched our beloved Crayolas, you might ask? Because I’ve found a crayon that’s been designed by an occupational therapist to not only teach children the correct pencil grip, it develops fine motor skills and strengthens muscles for early writing skills. It also looks a little bit like a jelly bean, which if you ask me, just adds to its magic.

Let me share my journey….

It was a pretty big year for us this year, we ticked off so many major milestones in our little ones life, the biggest of all was starting prep and learning to write.

Like any proud mama, I was eager and anxious to be presented with some sort of fancy novel, written by the secret child genius I always knew she was.

I was thrown a bit of a curve ball, when her prep teacher mentioned that our little one was having trouble writing, due to an incorrect pencil grip that she’d developed in earlier years and we should be working on correcting this to a ‘tri-pod’ grip.

Excited by a new challenge, like the eager beaver and super Mum I am, or at least try to be, I pretended to have an in depth understanding of correct pencil grips and quickly headed home to google the elusive tri-pod grip. I was pleased to discover, that it was simply a tri-pod style grip, using the thumb, index and middle finger. Easy peasy, or so I thought!

Our excitement quickly turned to tears and tantrums as our little one just wasn’t ‘getting it’ and kept slipping back into her old habits of incorrectly holding the pencil.

We tried a variety of pencil grips and writing aids, which helped a little, but she always seemed to pick up the one pencil that didn’t have a pencil grip on it and the tears and frustration returned, except this time they were my tears, as I watched my once confident little artist, avoid pens and pencils with a look of defeat and sadness.

crayons for developing kids

This was so disheartening to watch every afternoon and the situation just kept getting worse.

It wasn’t until my sister came over with a bag of “Crayon Rocks” that we finally saw light at the end of the tunnel.

At first, I was intrigued by the fact that these new crayons looked like Jelly Beans, but excited to learn that they were developed by an occupational therapist named Barbara Lee, to teach children the elusive ‘tri-pod’ grip we had tried so hard to master.

Crayons that help with the tri-pod grip

The Crayon Rocks are specifically shaped, so when your little one picks them up, they automatically place the fingers in the correct position for the tri-pod grip and help to strengthen the muscles in the fingers, for fine motor skills development.

crayons fine motor skills

To maximise their effectiveness, I bundled up all our other Crayons, put them in the cupboard and have committed to the big “Crayon Swap”. I now just have my bag of Crayon Rocks easily accessible in the art cupboard. I sound a little crazy I know, but it’s the BEST decision I’ve made when it comes to my little one’s development.

The crayon was chosen in the design, as it’s often the first tool a child uses when learning to draw, teaching the correct pencil grip from the start.

Being developed by an occupational therapist with over 23 years experience, Crayon Rocks are also highly recommended for children with fine motor disabilities.  

Had I discovered these guys years ago, my little one certainly wouldn’t be in the position of having to re-learn to hold a pencil in prep and we would have avoided so many nights spent in tears, feeling frustrated and deflated.

The Crayon Rocks are available from Snoozie and Moose and come in a bag of 16 crayons for $15.00.

crayon rocks

Crayon Rocks are safe for kids

Crayon Rocks allow little fingers to colour in large, wide strokes or smaller, detailed lines. They’re made from natural soy wax, using American-grown soy beans and coloured with mineral pigments, so they’re definitely non-toxic and safe for little people.

Do I need to mention again that they look like jelly beans? A perfectly fun and educational gift that will have you hiding your old crayons deep in the linen closet like mine.

To find out more about Crayon Rocks and to purchase, please visit

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