Where Can You Swim In Moggill Creek!

Moggill Creek near Rafting Ground Road

In sticky, hot Brissie summers, there’s nothing better than some fun water play to cool off. Luckily, we have many amazing creeks in and around our beautiful city that provide great opportunities for kids to escape the summer heat that are natural, fun and free!

How to get to Moggill Creek

One of the best places for visiting Moggill Creek is the huge reserve on the border of Brookfield and Kenmore Hills. On the south side of the creek is Boyd Terrace Park on Boyd Terrace in Brookfield, and on the north side is Creekside Park on Creekside Street in Kenmore Hills. The reserve covers such a large area that you can access it from many residential streets on either side of the creek, with plenty of opportunities for on-street parking. There are also some off-street grassed parking spaces on Creekside Street, near the intersection with Willowbrook Street.

The entire area of the reserve covers many hectares and is a stunning pocket of peace and tranquility. Greeted by the sound of insects and whipbirds and surrounded by nature, you’ll feel like you’re out in the bush!

Boyd Terrace Park, Brookfield

What to expect at Moggill Creek

This section of Moggill Creek offers plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun in and around the water!

There are some deep pools that are perfect for swimming. For big kids (and adventurous parents!) there’s an awesome rope swing for some pretty spectacular creek bombing that will provide hours of entertainment!

Boyd Terrace Park, Brookfield

For younger kids, there are also plenty of areas of shallow water for paddling and splashing about in.

Creekside Park, Kenmore Hills

Park facilities near Moggill Creek

The reserve has concrete paths/bikeways that are perfect prams, wheelchairs, and bike or scooter play.

On the north side of the creek, Creekside Park features:

  • Shade-covered play area
  • Fort
  • Slide
  • Rocking horse
  • Swings
  • Cricket pitch
  • Large open grassy areas
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Wood-fired barbecue
  • Off-street parking

On the south side, Boyd Terrace Park features:

  • Unsheltered play area shaded by trees
  • Fort
  • Climbing structures
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Basketball half-court
  • Large open grassy areas
  • Sheltered and unsheltered picnic tables
  • Electric barbecue
  • Water bubbler/tap

Bushcare and kiddie care at Moggill Creek

The reserve around Moggill Creek is a beautiful area the locals love to enjoy. Visitors should always be respectful of this and take care not to disturb local residents or the local wildlife and environment. There are bush regeneration and tree planting areas along many sections of the creekside, so visitors also need to be careful not to disturb these while visiting the creek.

Kids must also be supervised for any play around water, and the rope swing and deep pools are only recommended for confident swimmers with an adult present. Stay safe, protect this amazing area and have fun!

Creekside Park, Kenmore Hills

Moggill Creek at Creekside Park and Boyd Terrace Park is located here:

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  1. Gretchen says:

    This long, leafy stretch of parkland is perfect
    for kids to run off excess energy or jog along with a bouncy dog, maybe learn
    to ride a bike or just meandering with the family.

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