Cool Teen and Tween Party Themes

Kids are never too old to want a party, but when they reach tweenhood and the following teenage years, it can often be hard to think of themes that are not too childish or boring for older kids. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of awesome tween and teen party ideas in Brisbane!

Movie night

Whether you watch a movie at home, on a projector under the stars in the backyard, or go on a trip to the cinema, this will be a surefire hit with teens and tweens. Set up a stand with popcorn, soft drinks, and pick and mix lollies to make sure you keep the audience happy!

Pool party

Pool parties are great for cooling off on hot summer days. The kids could make mocktails and smoothies to enjoy at the poolside, get water bombs and super soakers for an awesome water fight, or enjoy some fun pool games in the water, like water basketball or volleyball, pool noodle jousting, races and bellyflop competitions! (Just make sure there is adult supervision for kids in the pool.)

Teenagers eating pizza


A sleepover is a perfect party for older kids and an inexpensive birthday party idea. All they need is some space for themselves without feeling overlooked by parents and siblings. They can play music, watch movies, order pizza and stay awake till it’s time for a midnight feast!

Live event

There are many exciting live events on in Brisbane throughout the year, and these make great birthday outings for older kids. They might want a small group outing to watch local live sport such as a Broncos, Reds or Roar match, or maybe even be taken with a friend to watch a live concert or show.

Craft party

Crafts aren’t just for little kids. Tweens and teens also love making things, it’s just a matter of choosing what they’re into. They might enjoy building models or making character costumes, jewellery making, T-shirt decorating or tie-dyeing. The ideas are endless!

Pamper party

Pamper party

Tween and teen girls will love to have a grown-up pamper party. Think facials and make-up sessions, manicures and pedicures, hair styling and massages. You can set up pamper stations yourself at home, hire pamper party professionals to take care of all of the organising for you, or even head out to a day spa with the birthday girl and some close friends!


We might not be quite ready to let the kids go off on holiday on their own, but that doesn’t stop them having all the fun of a camp-out in the backyard! They can have a competition to put up tents the fastest, or direct their blindfolded partner to put it up. They could have dinner under the stars, toast marshmallows on a fire pit (with adult supervision), and tell spooky stories around the campfire.

Cool Party Theme Ideas for Teens and Tweens in Brisbane

Dance party

No one is too old to enjoy dancing! Let the kids contribute their playlist suggestions before the night, get some disco lighting and let the fun begin! You could even choose a fun theme, like 80s dress-ups and music, or a glow-in-the-dark theme with glowing accessories and face paints.


Older kids are often pretty great mini chefs, and a baking or cooking party is a great way to keep them entertained as well as well-fed! They could make their own cupcakes and have a competition to see who can decorate them the best. Or they could make their own pizzas then enjoy them in front of a movie.

Go-kart Racing

Outdoor activity

Older kids will love getting out and about and taking part in a fun activity for their birthday. There are so many options to choose from here in Brisbane, such as laser tag, tenpin bowling, ice skating, go-kart racing and many more. Check out Best Activities for Tweens in Brisbane and Best Things to Do with Teenagers in Brisbane for more great ideas.

Celebrity Photo Shoot

Kids will feel like celebrities with this fun party idea. You can set up different photo booths with themed dress-ups and props. Then the kids can have fun getting into character and posing for the camera!

Cool Party Theme Ideas for Teens and Tweens in Brisbane

Dinner Party

What could be more grown-up than a dinner party? You could throw a themed dinner party at home, like a colour-themed party, a Mexican fiesta or an Italian feast. Or take a group to your child’s favourite restaurant for a really special birthday treat.

Themed Party

Themed parties are a great way to ensure that everything is on point with what your child is into at the moment. Be it a movie or TV series, novel or game, sport or singer, you can build a party around that theme. Search for free printables online, use appropriate colours to decorate your home, think of games or activities associated with theme and provide themed food and drinks too.

For more fun things to do with tweens and teens, check out Best Activities for Tweens in Brisbane and Best Things to Do with Teenagers in Brisbane. You can also visit our Parties page for many more great party ideas!

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