NightLights For Toddlers

As parents of a newborn who would scream for hours each night, we know firsthand the debilitating effects sleep deprivation can have on parents. After trying every trick in the book to get our baby to settle, we resorted to a colour changing LED night light mobile. Miraculously, that night our baby drifted off to sleep peacefully for the first time.

Our Light Bulb Moment

That was the moment the idea for My Night Light was born.  Knowing well-rested children find it easier to learn and play, and well-rested parents find it easier to nurture them, My Night Light provides a beautiful range of night lights for boys and girls. One of the many ranges of night lights My Night Light have to offer, is our Sleepy light range which comes with a remote control to adjust brightness, a timer to switch the light off once your little one is asleep, soothing rainbow setting and 13 different colours to choose from. Each night light comes with a gorgeous book mark and a soothing lullaby to sing to your child at night.


No More Scary Monsters

Ideal for any parent who has found themselves pacing the room with a baby that won’t settle, or trying to assure a teary toddler that there are no monsters under the bed; My Night Light has, for the last six years, built a large, following of loyal customers. While dedicated to restoring sleep for thousands of parents and easing the fears of even more children, My Night Light has also expanded into sleeping aids for children and soft comforting plush toys to add to the comforting night experience for your child or baby. Our gorgeous arrays of outdoor and home décor lights are ideal for parties and weddings.

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Night Lights for Toddlers

My Night Light will only stock night lights and lighting that are LED and LED lights are much safer than standard light bulbs! LED’s never get hot and they always stay cool to touch. Meaning, if little fingers touch the light it will not burn them. LED’s do not need to be replaced, they have such a long life span! LED’s can last up to 100 000 hours, that’s around 11 years before it stops working! Last but not least, you will save so much money by using LED lights! Did you know an LED generally only uses around 0.5 watts? That’s 100 times less power than a standard light globe (50 watt globe). You will save a lot of money on your electricity bill. An LED night light can use as little as 1.5 volts, where as a light bulb night light will generally use a huge 240 volts!

So, if you are looking for a safer option, visit us now at

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