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Play kitchen review

My kids have been begging me for a play kitchen for ages. Whenever we go round to friends’ houses and they have one, they literally cannot be dragged away from them. Well, finally we have one and I’m as happy as the kids are, if that’s possible!

Which kitchen?

Play kitchen review

Choosing the best play kitchen for your kids will probably come down to size, budget and style. Ticking all those boxes, we picked the Uptown Espresso Kitchen from KidKraft. What attracted me the most was the modern, neutral design — finally there’s a play kitchen that doesn’t look tacky or garish! It’s also wooden and really sturdy so I know we’re going to get plenty of years of cooking fun out of it.

The Uptown Espresso Kitchen is big enough for all of my kids to play with at the same time, without taking up the entire playroom, and it has loads of cool features. There’s the usual oven, cooktop and sink, but there’s also a fridge, freezer, microwave and even a dishwasher.

Now the kids can play with their own kitchen instead of constantly trying to unstack and restack my real one! There are also cute extra touches, like the cordless phone, paper towel holder and a chalkboard, which the kids love.

Why get a play kitchen?

Play kitchen review

We all know that play kitchens are fun, but they’re so much more than just toys. They are awesome for pretend play, building kids’ creativity and imaginations. Many kids also love role playing with their kitchens, helping them to discover grown up roles and activities in a safe way. They are also great learning tools, teaching kids about different foods, food preparation and household chores — all without the danger or the mess!

What to do with the play kitchen

Play kitchen review

Here are some ideas on how to help your kids get the most out of your play kitchen –

  • Practise counting by measuring out ingredients for a recipe or counting up the utensils in the cupboards.
  • Play restaurants and have a fun pretend meal prepared, cooked and delivered to your table by your very own little chef. Just make sure you leave a tip when you pay!
  • Use the chalkboard to learn about making shopping lists, writing recipes and making menus.
  • Let your little ones get a glimpse of grown-up responsibilities by playing house. Teach them young and they’ll be helping you with the washing up before you know it!
  • Learn the names of different food items and kitchen equipment. For toddlers, you can start with learning the colours of play fruit and vegetables.
  • Learn organisation and responsibility by making sure everything has its place in your little kitchen and get the kids involved in putting everything away in the right spot.
  • Help your kids to share, take turns and work as team by getting them to cooperate together in the kitchen.
  • Get their imaginations flowing – Who can come up with the craziest food idea to create? Dad wants you to make him a broccoli and chocolate quiche with lemon curd sauce — coming right up!

Further information regarding the Uptown Espresso Kitchen is available on the KidKraft website at

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