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Many thanks to Kizanne Walker for writing this article.

Let me paint you a quick picture about me: I’m a mum. I have two little boys. After the birth of my first son I immersed myself into play-at-home motherhood. I thrived on creating imaginative, adventurous and challenging play spaces for my boys. I made obstacle courses incorporating A-frames, balancing beams, tunnels, slides, ladders and tyres. I created a sound garden, veggie patch, backyard tee-pee, mud pie kitchen, digging patch and tree house – you name it, we did it. Simply put, I had an absolute blast playing with my kids.

But (and it’s of Kardashian proportion), I lost myself in the process; completely and utterly. My altered headspace was blurred and dark. Sadness overwhelmed my entire body; I felt weary, weak and worthless. My true feelings became something I hid from people. I felt alone. I felt guilty. My days were about treading water until it was bedtime again and I could hide myself from the world once more.

Surrounded by family and friends who hadn’t noticed my struggle; slowly drowning is how it felt.

Gradually I realised I was strong enough to and worthy of planting my feet, standing up and saving myself.

I love reading the inspiring words of others’ and spending time reflecting on how and what they mean to my own existence. I have Pinterest boards dedicated to my love of thought provoking and life changing words; aptly they’re titled, ‘Consider This’ and ‘Words’.  I know many people scoff at the plethora of ‘self-help’ affirmations and quotes out there; but personally I find great motivation and encouragement in a selection of them. I often revisit these Pinterest boards of mine, poring over the words I love to spark my soul when I feel like I’m straying from my own personal happiness.

Ready for it or not, the New Year arrived recently. A fresh new year made up of 365 days; in other words, at least as I see it, 365 chances to wake up and start over.  Welcoming the beginning of a new year (and importantly, reflecting upon and bidding farewell to the year that’s been) typically brings with it the making of resolutions.  I can’t deny that I’ve done my time resolving to do things like ‘lose weight’ and ‘get fit’ with the beginning of a new year.  I like to think I’ve evolved enough now to realise it doesn’t take a new year commencing to begin making personal improvements.

At Spotlight yesterday I stumbled upon a canvas with one of my absolute favourite quotes on it. Funnily enough, I’d always wanted to have this particular quote printed, but had never bothered. Needless to say I seized the opportunity and this new artwork now hangs proudly above the sideboard in our lounge room.

This is your life

They’re such simple statements and yet truly profound, don’t you think?

The unique set of challenges each of us face can be heightened at this festive and summer school holiday period. It’s true in my family that relationships and finances seem so squeezed by the end of the year. I’m sure I’m not the only first time mum of a preppie who is already feeling an array of emotions about the education milestone that’s about to unfold.  I know I’m definitely not the only parent who has weathered dark troughs.

So if the words on my canvas resonate with you too; if they lift your spirit just the tiniest amount, I resolve it’s been well worth my while sharing it with you. Perhaps they’re just the words that might give someone the courage to plant their own feet, to stand up and to save themselves. Perhaps that deserving person is you.

Happy New Year Brisbane families; may your hearts and minds be open and your days full of the things you love.

Does your inquisitive Brisbane Kid wear you out with all of their questions? Kizanne takes a look at how Curiosity Leads to Happiness in another of her guest posts on our website. The Parenting 101 area of our site offers many tips and tricks to help you along the path of your parenting journey.

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