Compassion Is My Fashion – T-shirts that give back to children in our community

Compassion Is My Fashion, Aunties and Uncles QLD

“Each of us in our own way can try to spread compassion into people’s hearts.” – H.H. the 14th Dalia Lama

Compassion Is My Fashion is a Give-Back T-shirt collection celebrating the 3 C’s of Childhood – Connection, Creativity and Community.

1. Connection

All profits are donated to Aunties and Uncles QLD, a not-for-profit early intervention program that connects children experiencing social disadvantage and isolation to a volunteer mentor in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, QLD. The volunteer mentors offer a unique relationship-based connection and opportunities to shape children’s future and reach their potential.

2. Creativity

Each t-shirt in the collection has been designed by an Australian Artist with their unique illustrations celebrating the essence of childhood.

3. Community

The collection has been created with the designs generously donated by a community of Australian Artists.  Copassion Is My Fashion would like to acknowledge and thank all their supporters for helping get this collection up and going including the GoFundMe donators, Wahoo Adverting Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Kids and everyone who has purchased from the collection.

Compassion Is My Fashion, Aunties and Uncles QLD

The Story Behind the Give-Back

Compassion Is My Fashion was founded by Michelle Bustamante as a way to fundraise for Aunties and Uncles QLD. Michelle is a Program Coordinator with the mentoring program and is very passionate about empowering children and families. Michelle’s vision was to create a give-back t-shirt collection celebrating the essence of childhood and the community spirit of helping others. Having worked within family support programs for 20 years, Michelle has been inspired by the children she has met and believes all children need a strong cheering squad supporting them in life.

Compassion Is My Fashion, Aunties and Uncles QLD

Aunties and Uncles QLD (A&U)

Aunties and Uncles QLD aims to provide a unique relationship-based intervention program, that offers children in Brisbane and the Gold Coast many opportunities to shape their future and reach their full potential. Volunteer mentors are linked to a child to spend time together, a minimal of one day a fortnight. The mentor relationship (known as ‘Links’ within A&U) offers each child time, attention, care, stability, guidance and exposure to new experiences and opportunities to empower them to reach their potential.

Each ‘Link’ lasts a minimum of 12 months, with many relationships continuing well beyond this. The greatest gift we can offer children is our presence and the Aunties and Uncles QLD provides the opportunity for children to spend quality time with their mentors. The program is totally self-funded through the fundraising efforts of its members and through grants and donations from corporate partners, organisations and individuals including Compassion is My Fashion.

Compassion Is My Fashion, Aunties and Uncles QLD

Join the Cheering Squad

Compassion Is My Fashion offers a unique way to give-back by purchasing a t-shirt or tote bag for the children in your life, knowing that all profits go on to support other children within the community. The Collection offers the ‘gift that will keep on giving’!

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To find out more about Aunties and Uncles QLD and ways you can support the program, please visit:

Photo credits: Hey, You Rule and Bridie & Daphne.

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