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Lego mini figure holding bunny at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Officially opened in June 2021, Coffee n Bricks, on Brisbane’s Bayside, is fast becoming a favourite among locals. Not only can you grab a coffee and have a chat with friends, you can take it one step further and bond over building Lego.

Owner Carmen, who is clearly a Lego lover, wanted to create a space where visitors could connect and socialise while building Lego sets. Since opening, Carmen has witnessed a huge range of people enjoying her café, from elderly people recovering from illness to families rekindling relationships and groups of friends enjoying a laugh and a bit of competitive fun as they build Lego. 

Lego boxes on display to buy at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

There is a small range of Lego sets available to purchase, and as the store grows, so will their selection. If window shopping is more your style, there are plenty of displays around the café, showcasing new and old Lego sets, including the bonsai tree, a number of Harry Potter pieces, and lots of unique, make-your-own creations.

Red Lego Harry Potter Phoenix at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Lego Building

Of course, you can just visit Coffee n Bricks for a coffee and snack, but most visitors flock to the café to build, create, play and share in the love of building Lego.

After ordering something to eat and drink, head over to the ‘To Build’ area where you can decide which Lego set to undertake.

A display of Lego boxes and pictures at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Looking at the pictures on the board, you can select the set you want to construct. Options include Duplo sets (particularly popular among the younger visitors) and a variety of Lego sets, both big and small, simple and complex.

Build sessions can be purchased in 30 minute or one-hour blocks and are priced per person. If you are having so much fun you need to extend your session, this can usually be arranged (given they are not booked out) by speaking with a staff member.

Whiteboard with session prices for Lego Building at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Once you have decided which set to build and for how long, the friendly staff will set you up at a table with all the pieces you need, as well as the all-important instruction booklet. You will also be given timer, which will be set according to the session time you booked. All you need to do then in sit down and get building.

Lego Duplo building session at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

When you have finished your build and given yourself a pat on the back, don’t let the fun stop there. Get creative and take a photo or video of your masterpiece and be sure to share with Coffee n Bricks on social media.

Cleanliness is paramount at Coffee n Bricks. After each use, the Lego sets are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and dried, before the pieces are checked off (no one wants to build a set with missing pieces) and returned to the shelf for the next visitor to enjoy.

A clear box of Lego at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help select an appropriate build according to your interests, skill level and selected time, so be sure to speak with Carmen and her staff if you need advice or get stuck during your build.

The café is relatively small, and can get quite busy, especially after school, on weekends and during the school holidays, so if you want to guarantee yourself a spot, ring ahead to book.

Reasons to Visit Coffee n Bricks Lego Cafe

There are many reasons to visit Coffee n Bricks, including to:

  • Have a playdate with friends
  • Celebrate a special occasion
  • Escape bad weather
  • Try out new Lego sets before buying
  • Enjoy a delicious Wolff Coffee
  • Support a local, family run business.

Lego creation with mini figures at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Benefits of Playing with Lego

Playing with Lego is not only fun, it can develop and enhance the following skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor skills
  • Team building
  • Colour recognition
  • Self confidence
  • Social skills
  • Patience
  • Concentration and focus
  • Spatial awareness

Cafe seating area at Coffee n Bricks Cafe.

Opening Hours

Coffee n Bricks is open seven days a week, Monday to Saturday 11am – 8pm and Sunday 1pm – 8pm.


There is plenty of street parking in the area surrounding the café, though some areas have time limits, so be sure to check signage.


44 Bay Terrace, Wynnum (Corner of Bay Terrace and Bride Street)

Playgrounds nearby include Wynnum Playground and Skatepark and Wynnum Wading Pool

Phone: 3161 5223












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