Climbing Table Top Mountain With Kids

mountain climbing with kids

Climb Table Top Mountain with Kids

The great outdoors is calling, so if you are up for a new challenge, then Table Top Mountain, 90 minutes west of Brisbane in Toowoomba, is the place to go.

Sitting at the base of the Great Dividing Range, Table Top Mountain is completely flat and treeless on top, with 360-degree views of the Lockyer Valley and the eastern escarpment of Toowoomba.

To make it to the top, we’ll fill you in on all the information you’ll need.

How to get to the top

climbing table top mountain with kids

Climbing Table Top Mountain is no leisurely walk in the park. It’s more of a clambering over rocks, with a bit of walking in between, but it is certainly worth it for the sense of achievement when you reach the top, plus the spectacular views.

There are two options to get to the top. For those with older kids, start your walk from Picnic Point Park and you can reward yourselves with a drink and bite to eat at the café when you’re done.

For those wanting to do the shorter walk, then drive to the base of the mountain (directions below) and walk from there.

There’s no signage but it’s easy to find the track and to stay on it. First up you’ll walk over Camel’s Hump, which is quite steep on the way up and involves climbing over rocks on the way down which wasn’t as hard as we’d thought.

Now it’s time to climb the mountain, which isn’t that difficult except for the slippery loose gravel slowing things down. The hardest part of the climb is just before you reach the summit, where you will have a steep scramble to make it to the top. Decide on a path to the top before you get moving, as it’s hard to change paths mid-way up.

It can be tough going in parts, so we wouldn’t recommend the climb for kids under five, or if you have bad knees, back or ankles. The good news is you don’t have to be hugely fit to do it.

Families climb Table Top every single day, mostly without incident, but the big thing to remember is not to rush, so as to reduce the likelihood of injury. You’ll need to allow about 90 minutes all up if you’re climbing with kids.

For safety, it’s important to always tell someone where you’re going and when to expect you back.

peak of tabletop mountain

What you’ll need

Make sure you’re wearing good footwear like joggers or walking shoes/boots. There is very little shade on the track so make sure you’re all wearing hats and sunscreen, and try not to walk in the hottest part of the day.

There are a few essentials to take with you when you climb Table Top with kids. Take a small daypack (so you can be hands-free) with a mobile phone in case of injury, enough water for everyone, and a few small snacks. We always take band-aids as it’s quite common for one of the boys to trip over or have some sort of injury.

How to get there

The address for the base of the mountain is Tabletop Road, Toowoomba.

Head towards Picnic Point Park in Tourist Road and just before the entrance to the park turn right into Rowbotham Street, and then the next left into South Street. Follow South Street to the very end where it narrows and turns to dirt, which is Tabletop Drive. Follow it to the end and you’ll see places to park on either side of the road.

There are plenty of things to do in Toowoomba after your climb so don’t rush back home straight away. Consider visiting the Cobb and Co Museum or the Toowoomba Japanese Gardens to make the most of your road trip.

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