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Brisbane school: Clayfield College

Clayfield College in Brisbane’s northern suburbs is a leading Queensland school. With a tradition of over 80 years of providing high quality education in a Christian learning community, Clayfield College has earned an outstanding reputation for educational excellence.

Clayfield College is an independent school, owned and governed by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association. It welcomes students from all over Australia and the world, and caters for girls from Pre-Prep to Year 12, boys from Pre-Prep to Year 6 and girls’ boarding from Year 5 to 12.

Why Should I Choose Clayfield College?

sbane school: Clayfield College

Clayfield College is renowned for its high academic standards, its quality of teaching and learning, and its emphasis on personal excellence. This approach has successfully ensured strong academic results for students over many years.

Pastoral care lies at the heart of the educational experience at Clayfield College, with a strong emphasis on encouraging students to feel they are worthwhile members of the community with very special qualities to offer. The aim is to enhance each student’s individuality whilst continually promoting respect for others.

Learning Opportunities at Clayfield College

sbane school: Clayfield College

Clayfield College offers all key areas of curriculum, as well as specialty classes such as Robotics, Food Technology and Kodaly Music. They also provide an extensive range of sporting, music, cultural, enrichment and community service programs, such as the highly regarded Elite Sport Program and Music Program.

Clayfield College has around 800 students, with a teacher-student ration in classrooms of 1 teacher to 12 students. It is wheelchair friendly and allergy aware and welcomes parent participation.

The Clayfield College Values

sbane school: Clayfield College

Clayfield College is a vibrant, professional learning community, encouraging students to achieve personal excellence and develop a commitment to life-long learning. The College values students as individuals and aims to instil in them a set of moral values which is consistent with their Christian faith.

The Clayfield culture is one of care and compassion for fellow humans. Their values of acceptance, understanding, honesty, integrity and opportunity and fairness for all are essential elements in encouraging students to become effective global citizens.

More than just an academic institution, Clayfield College is a vibrant community with a heart and soul, which encourages all students to ‘Let Your Light Shine’.

Boarding at Clayfield College

Boarding is available at Clayfield College for girls from Year 5 to 12, on a term or weekly basis. Clayfield’s boarding house is home to over 120 girls from rural Queensland, interstate and overseas, enriching the school community with a myriad of cultural perspectives and talents.

Further Information and Open Days

Clayfield College is located at 23 Gregory Street, Clayfield. For further information on the school or enrolments, visit, or contact Mr Ross Thomson by phone on 07 3262 0262 or email to [email protected]

You are also invited to attend  one of Clayfield College’s Open for Inspection Days, held throughout the year. Upcoming Open for Inspection Days are:

  • Tuesday 3rd March, 9.00 am to 10.30 am
  • Tuesday 16th June
  • Thursday 13th August
  • Thursday 15th October

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