Roll Up! 16 Big Top Circus Party Ideas

What’s not to love about a circus?  Whether it’s the animals, clowns, bright colours, big tops or striped accessories a circus-themed party is sure to be a massive hit not only for the birthday child but also all his or her little guests.  If you are looking for a party that shouts fun and entertainment then ROLL UP, ROLL UP and check out our favourite 16 circus-themed party ideas below.

Big Top Circus Party Invitation

There are a lot of fantastic invitation ideas out there for a circus-themed party – like one that looks like an admit one ticket or an actual big top that opens up like the one found here on Catch My Party.


Big Top Rooftop Decoration

You can turn any room into an instant big top with the use of a few streamers or balloons.  Check out the great set ups below found on Catch My Party like the Elephant Banner and Balloon Rooftop.


Old Maid Circus Card Banner

Here is a bit of vintage fun for a decorative circus banner seen on Oh Sugar Events.  We had a quick look and these vintage Old Maid Circus playing cards can be picked up on etsy or ebay for a steal if you are quick!


DIY Circus Party Carousel Centrepiece

This is an adorable table centrepiece that you can make yourself using a few simple items.  You can find step-by-step instructions on how to make this on Bird’s Party Blog.


Wigs, Noses and Dress Up Fun

How can it be a circus party without some clown dress ups?  Grab some colourful wigs, big glasses, top hats or bright outfits and get the kids to dress up for the day.  A face-painter might also add to the who festive occasion – seen on Catch My Party and A to Zebra Celebrations.


Big Top Drinking Cups

These miniature big top cups see at Catch My Party are adorable.  Enough said!


Popcorn Cupcakes and Free Printable Holders

These awesome popcorn cupcakes are sure to be a hit with all the party guests.  Mess for Less have an online tutorial on how you can make them look this impressive and you can get free cupcake holder printables here.


Monkey and Clown Cake Pops

We found these super cute monkey and clown cake pops on the Sweet Designs and Catch My Party sites.  These would look absolutely adorable on any circus dessert table!


Edible Circus Party Goodness

I love the simplicity of these chocolate-dipped marshmallows dumbbells we found on Catch My Party and also these wonderful circus tent cookies.  Adorable and yum!


A Heathly Vegetable or Fruit Clown

For a healthy alternative, Engenuity put together this very impressive vegetable clown!  No doubt you could be clever and do the same thing with some fruit – like the one here on The Art Of Nutrition.


Clowning Around

Fun running races with a difference!  We love the idea of these very crazy and funny inflatable clown shoes as seen here on Catch My Party.  We tracked some down here on Fishpond for easy delivery in Australia.


Sideshow Circus Party Fun

Set up a side show of easy and fun games that the kids can play like these two quick-to-create games found on Driven By Decor.  There are quite a few more on the same site so check it out!


Tickets and Prizes

With your sideshow events its a fun idea to set up a prize stall filled with dollar store gifts like the one below on Catch My Party.  Kids who win games get tickets and they can then go and pick a prize based on different ticket amounts as something extra to take home.


Balloon Dumbbell

Make every little guest a circus strong man with some black balloons and a stick!  We saw this on So Much Better With Age and thought it was hilarious!  This makes a great photo shoot prop or just play item.


Big Top Cakes!

Ok, when it came to cakes we really couldn’t go past these two.  The first we found on Cake Chooser and think it looks amazing.  The second one, found on Catch My Party, is probably a little bit easier but just as impressive!


Animal Jar Favours

Instead of the usual favour bag why not send the kids home with these fun animal jars?  They can be made quite cheaply but look amazing.  You can even do them in different colours to match your circus theme.  A tutorial on how they are made can be found on Pink Pistachio.


There are so many bright, colourful, fun and EASY ways to host a circus themed party and make the day look absolutely amazing! Your Brisbane kid is bound to love it!

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