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Christmas Craft

How to make Christmas pegs with stickers

This is a very easy and inexpensive Christmas activity to do with your Brisbane Kids. The result is a cute festive peg that could be used for pinning up Christmas cards, attaching tags to gifts or even displaying your Brisbane Kids’ holiday artwork. These are perfect for younger children with shorter attention spans, as they don’t take long to make. If you are planning a day of Christmas crafting, then perhaps combine it with another activity like this Candy Cane Card.

Step 1.

Christmas Craft

Organise all of your materials.

What you will need:

  • Wooden Pegs (these work well because they are flat, however other pegs may work)
  • Christmas Stickers (we got a box of hundreds of foam stickers from Kmart)

Step 2.

Christmas Craft

Let your Brisbane Kids go crazy sticking the stickers to the pegs!

Christmas Craft

And there you have your Christmas pegs, ready for use.

NOTE: The parts of the stickers that overhang the edges of the peg will stick to each other and need to be kept apart.

Take a look at our other Christmas Crafts, like these Paper Strip Christmas Baubles to decorate your home with this Christmas. Our Yummy Recipes section also has lots of food ideas that you could make together in the holidays.

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