Christmas Eve Boxes For Kids

christmas eve boxes and ideas

What is a Christmas Eve Box 

The Christmas Eve box is said to be derived from the German tradition of opening gifts on the night before Christmas. The practice is becoming increasingly popular among families to help kids get into the spirit of Christmas while simultaneously getting them ready to go to bed without a fuss.

Some parents choose to buy premade Christmas Eve boxes, but you can just as easily make them from scratch. All you will need is a few gifts for each family member and a couple of boxes to put them in. If you’re using simple cardboard boxes, consider wrapping them in Christmas wrapping paper. 

Here is a list of the classics that go into a Christmas Eve box. These will apply to boxes meant for all age groups and all members of the family: 

  • Christmas bedtime books
  • A Christmas movie 
  • Matching family PJs 
  • Family board games 
  • Christmas treats and snacks for the movie 

If you want more specific options for each family member per their age, keep reading for some ideas!

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Babies

baby looking at christmas decoration

If we’re being honest here, a baby’s Christmas Eve box is more for you than for baby, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful and absolutely adorable at the same time! 

Christmas Decoration

This is one we wish we did every year since our babies were born. Gifting an annual Christmas decoration means by the time they are 18, they will have 18 wonderful Christmas decorations to fill their own tree. We love this idea! 

Plush security blanket

Security blankets help many babies sleep better, and they make wonderful companions during those beginning years. So this is something you can tuck your baby in with on Christmas Eve and expect to accompany them for many years to come.

Christmas swaddle 

Swaddling helps soothe your baby by protecting them against their natural startle reflex. Get your baby a Christmas themed one to get them into the holiday spirit!

Christmas rattle

A fun Christmas tree-shaped rattle will help your baby’s development by providing them with auditory and visual stimulation.

Christmas socks 

Christmas socks for your wee little one will keep them snuggly and warm and look so cute while at it. 

Christmas crib mobile 

Give your baby’s brain a boost with a Christmas crib mobile. It’ll help your baby develop their eye-tracking abilities while adding to your Christmas decor at the same time.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids

Aaron Blabey, Pig the Elf

School-aged children are the perfect kind to introduce the Christmas Eve box tradition to because they are super excited, often still believe in the magic of the holidays, and are old enough to make forever-memories from it. Here are some ideas:

Soft toy

A fun way to get your kid to wind down and go to bed on Christmas Eve could be to have them tuck in their new stuffed friend (Christmas Beenie Boos are a popular choice).

Bubble bath or bath bombs

Sometimes getting your kid to take a bath feels nearly impossible. Bubble baths, however, are one thing you can bank on to get kids of all ages excited to get clean!

Christmas book

There are so many wonderful Australian children’s books with a focus on Christmas (which means less snow and more sand)

Christmas colouring book 

Colouring is a peaceful activity that people of all ages enjoy. It’s also one that can tire a kid out if they’re at it for a while!

Fun bath towel

An exciting new bath towel or a fun hooded beach towel – if you have multiple kids, you could colour code them to encourage personal accountability (as parents of teenagers, this is something we wish we did earlier)

Their own kitchen tools and supplies

The evening before Christmas usually includes some baking or some last-minute cooking of some sort, so why not ask your child to assist in some way? Some things you can get your little one are sturdy whisks, cookie cutters, sprinkles and measuring cups.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Teenagers

This is probably the hardest age-group to please, but oh-so-rewarding when we succeed! Never fear, however, because these ideas will show them just how much you care:

Nail polish set of Christmas colours

If you’ve got a teenager interested in nail art, red, green, and white nail polish with perhaps some gold sequins to add some shimmer will definitely bring out their holiday cheer!


A plush bathrobe might be just what your teenager needs to relax on Christmas Eve and prepare for the excitement of the next day.

Weighted blanket 

These have wonderfully calming effects on people and help with sleep-related troubles. The weighted blanket will help your teenager fall asleep on Christmas Eve and on many days to come.

Comic books

Sharing your favourite comic books with your kid from when you were their age can make for an endearing Christmas Eve experience. The oldest items often make the fondest memories.

New earphones with a playlist of Christmas music

Music is such a big part of the holiday season and a great thing to share with your teenager. Show them you care by putting together a playlist of songs that both of you can enjoy, and pair it with a new set of earphones.  

Polaroid Camera

You will get this (including film) much cheaper online, but what better way to get the teenager involved in Christmas than by making them chief photo officer! 

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults

people drinking christmas wine

Parents need Christmas-loving just as much as kids need it!


You can never go wrong with a beautiful bottle of wine when choosing a gift for a parent. Australian wine especially to support local a local vineyard like Witches Falls winery at Mount Tamborine

Chocolate liqueur 

There’s no need to think twice about this one. It’s a chocolate drink – like hot chocolate for adults.

Comfy slippers

A pair of cosy slippers to wear at home makes for a cute Christmas Eve gift for sure.

Christmas soap

The more you indulge your senses in the smells of Christmas, the better to build up your holiday experience and excitement! Get in the Christmas mood with pine-scented soap and unwind before the big day.

Christmas scented candle

Regardless of whether you’re planning to bake or buy your Christmas cookies this year, you can always ensure your house smells of gingerbread and cinnamon with a luscious Christmas candle.

Bath bombs

A Christmas bath bomb makes for a marvelous Christmas Eve treat for any parent looking to relax.

Christmas and charity 

Christmas represents gratitude, family, and togetherness And nothing embodies these things more than giving back. If you want to take a step back from the Christmas Eve box traditions this year, or even if you just want to reduce how much you spend on them, consider picking out a charity Christmas gift. Here are a couple of places to help you get started:


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