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How to make your own Christmas decoration

This craft idea was adapted from an image in an Ikea catalogue. Everyone who has tried it has loved this simple Christmas idea that can be created by Brisbane Kids big and small.

Step 1.

Organise all of your materials.

What you will need:

  • Cardboard from Cereal Boxes
  • Christmas Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Craft Glue
  • Glitter/Christmas Stickers etc.

Step 2.

Trace and cut out two Christmas robin shapes from your cardboard so that both sides are the non advertising side of the cereal box.

Step 3.

Glue the two pieces together, making a small horizontal cut in the centre of the bird for the wings.

Step 4.

From your Christmas paper, cut out 2 x A4 pieces and glue them lightly together.

Step 5.

Fold paper in a concertina shape and feed through the centre of the bird to form wings.

Step 6.

Decorate bird shape with glitter/stickers and hang up with ribbon.


You’re then ready to hang your Christmas Bird Decoration on the tree! You could make a whole lot of these to cover your tree with beautiful, unique handmade decorations, or even give these as a gift.

Thanks to Liz Flockhart for this awesome Christmas craft idea!

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