How to choose a good high school in Brisbane

high school in Brisbane

Choosing the right high school for your children is one of life’s most important decisions – if we get it right, all the stars align and everyone is happy. If we get it wrong, it’s time to regroup, make changes, and start over, all of which takes time and money.

Readers often ask us for tips on how to choose a good high school in Brisbane so we thought we’d gather our favourite resources together in one place. Hopefully these tips will make your quest to get it right first go a little easier.

How to choose a good high school in Brisbane

high school in Brisbane

1. Location, location, location

Location of the high school is often one of the first considerations for parents. The best school for your high school teenager is ideally within arms length of either your home or workplace so that you are able to maintain some kind of link with the school with ease. This map of Brisbane High Schools (and primary schools) can be very helpful in finding options and also streamlining your search. Click here to access the map now.

high school in Brisbane

2. High School Options

For a small regional city, Brisbane has a great number of high school options for the kids including private, public, independent, colleges, flexible learning environments, creative industry campuses, science and math academies, Steiner schools and more.

When considering how to choose a good school in Brisbane, we firmly believe one of the best ways to start is to take advantage of Open Days, Tours, and School Talks. Taking your high school ready child to these events gives you both an insight into how a particular school’s curriculum, program, and learning environment may support, guide or teach your child. Opportunities to visit a school also give you an insight into the ethos of the place, and see a snapshot of the community of families and children that attend the school. You can meet the teachers, and view the grounds. Face to face gatherings and meetings are also essential to ‘get a feel’ of the place, have an opportunity to chat to current and past students, and look beyond appearances.

Click here to view our comprehensive list of High School Open Days in Brisbane.

high school in Brisbane

3. Public Transport Options

After the slog of primary school years, driving children to and fro, (and to and fro) it’s a welcome relief for most parents when the kids are old enough to catch the bus. Letting your teenagers rely more heavily on public transport when going to and from school saves so much time each day and makes family life so much less stressful and chaotic. If you want to check bus routes to make sure your home or office is within reach, click here for information.

We hope these links are helpful to you. Do let us know of any other ideas or resources we should add to the list.

We’ve made it even easier for you to choose a good high school in Brisbane. Click here to see a list of High School Options in Brisbane and surrounds.

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