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In a world where parents are expected to juggle work and home life like Supermums and Superdads, there is one company that is bridging the divide by partnering with childcare operators to provide onsite office spaces for new parents returning to work. This will be the first childcare co-working space in Brisbane and is a game changer for self-employed parents looking for a solution that allows their babies to remain close by.

What is coworking?

You may be familiar with the term “co-working”- where freelancers; business owners; and even larger corporates, rent a desk within a shared workspace to facilitate collaboration and innovation. This is not a new concept, but recently a need has been recognised for co-working spaces with childcare facilities to allow new parents to continue with their businesses or careers, without having to be separated from their babies.

As a new parent, Brisbane mum, Maria Taylor thought, “If only I could work at a childcare centre for a couple of days a week until my baby is settled, then I would be more comfortable with the thought of going back to work. That’s when I found BubDesk! Prior to my first born bub, like many new parents, I thought that I would only have to put my unborn baby’s name on waitlists at half a dozen childcare centres within my area and hope that a place became available by the time I went back to work in 6 to 12 months. That was until my little one came into the world and I spent every waking moment with her and couldn’t imagine being separated from her for even an hour, let alone 8 hours! Like all new parents I worried how my bub would adjust to being with strangers at childcare; if she would settle if I was not there to feed her; how the drop-off and pick-up times would be managed; and most importantly, the effect of the loss of “bonding time” between bub and myself.”

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Parent workspace at Browns Plains

This month, BubDesk launched its first Brisbane based parent workspace within Browns Plains KIDS Early Learning Centre. Offering a modern workspace in their second building, parents enrol their children as usual and pay a modest daily fee for use of the office. The BubDesk service provides users with WIFI, printing, tea and coffee…lots of coffee, parking and the opportunity to continue feeding, or visiting their baby throughout the day as needed while they settle their baby into the daycare routine.

“Browns Plains KIDS Early Learning Centre is so excited to offer this amazing service to the families of our community. The idea that families can transition back into the workforce without being separated from their baby is absolutely amazing.” Browns Plains Kids Centre Director, Bec Schultze.

Who uses parent co-working spaces?

You’ll find all kinds of men and women using BubDesk. There are freelancers, corporate professionals, students and stay at home mums who just need a day here and there to catch up on life admin. Users find that the BubDesk service is more than a desk. The mums and dads using the service become part of a wider parent community nationally within a dedicated networking group – professional parents supporting each other, networking, providing business referrals and collaborating on new business ventures.

The corporate sector has been quick to adopt this innovative new service, as it provides a very practical solution to the challenges around work-life balance and flexible working as staff return-to-work following parental leave. Employers are always looking for ways to attract top talent and maintain a low staff turnover. BubDesk allows employers to encourage parents to return-to-work with the knowledge that their child is close by and in good hands.

BubDesk is currently offered in 13 centres nationally. Sunshine Coast launched earlier this year, and you can expect to see an additional 25 childcare centres offering the parent workspace by the end of the year. Edge Early Learning’s new state of the art early learning service at Milton will be the next BubDesk space to come online offering a 3 level facility with a water play area and overlooking the Brisbane River. “We are proud to be partnering with BubDesk and excited to be offering this service not only across Brisbane, but also on the Gold Coast” Edge Early Learning CEO – Annie Bryce.

“Our mission is to create a world where parents truly can have it all!” We would like to see it offered in all suburbs and regional towns to ensure it’s accessible to everyone.” BubDesk Founder, Meg Burrage.

How do you sign up? Head to or call 1300 BUBDESK. Let Meg and the team know your suburb and when you intend to use the service and let them go to work to connect you to an ideal location near you. Why not come along to one of our tours?

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