What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick at Night in Brisbane

It’s so often the case that when our little ones get ill it’s at night, and of course this is the most difficult time for families. Bedtimes are looming or even passed, siblings need looking after, and taking care of your sick child can’t wait till the morning. At times like these, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. You need to find the best advice, care and treatment for you child at a time when your usual options aren’t available. Luckily, we have many great services here in Brisbane for just this situation, and we’ve put them all together to help you find the one that is best for you, whenever you need it.


Of course, day or night, if anyone has a serious injury or is in need of urgent medical help, always call 000. Stay calm and speak clearly. Ask for an ambulance and give your address.

To help teach your kids about when they need to call 000, and to hear what it’s like to place a real triple zero call, they can play the fun and educational Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge. You can visit kids.triplezero.gov.au to play the game online or download the Apple or Android app.

Baby and doctor

Over-the-phone Advice

If you have any health concerns and you want advice from qualified healthcare professionals you can call the Queensland Health phone line 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84). The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and costs just the price of a local call (mobile phone and VoIP call costs may vary).

The advice you can receive from 13 HEALTH may include symptom assessment, home treatment advice, referral, information, disease management and crisis intervention. They can let you know what you need to do and how quickly you should do it. Plus the advice is confidential, qualified and supportive.

To find out more about 13 HEALTH, you can visit the FAQs at health.qld.gov.au.

Customer and pharmacist

Pharmacies and Chemists

If your child needs some medicine for a common issue, such as cough syrup or Panadol or Nurofen and it’s out of usual business hours, there are still many pharmacies and chemists that are open around Brisbane. Check out Where Can I Find a 24-hour Pharmacy in Brisbane? for Brisbane’s first 24-hour pharmacy, and Late Night Chemists in Brisbane for a directory of chemists and pharmacies that have extended opening hours, to find the one that is closest to you.

For extra assistance, you can ask to speak to the qualified pharmacist directly. However, while they can give professional advice on the most suitable medications, remember that this is not a diagnostic service and should not replace medical consultation.

After-hours Doctors

If it’s not an emergency but you need to visit a GP to find out what is wrong with your child and get the best treatment, there are several medical practices around Brisbane that offer after hours and even 24-hour services. To find your nearest service, visit After Hours Brisbane Doctors.

Call-out Doctors

One of the most useful services for Brisbane families with sick kids is in-home GP visits. You don’t need to drag your sick child out into the night and you don’t need to disturb other siblings in order to get your sick child medical attention and treatment. However, do remember to check the waiting time for the doctor to arrive to you, as this can take hours and would therefore not be suitable if your child needs more urgent attention.

There are many organisations that offer in-home GP visits. The best services are available on all week nights, weekends and public holidays, are 100% bulk billing for Medicare and DVA card-holders, and are available throughout Brisbane and Queensland. Here are two of the most commonly used services:


Child with doctor


If your child needs more urgent treatment that is not yet an emergency, you should take them to hospital.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is Australia’s largest and most advanced paediatric facility. It is a public hospital servicing most children in Brisbane. Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is located at 501 Stanley Street, South Brisbane and is open 24/7. Phone: (07) 3068 1111.

Other major hospitals around Brisbane include:

  • The Prince Charles Hospital — a large hospital with a dedicated children’s emergency department. It is located at Rode Road, Chermside. Phone: (07) 3139 4000.
  • Redland Hospital is a large hospital with an emergency department. It is located at Weippin Street, Cleveland. Phone: (07) 3488 3111.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital is a large hospital with an expanded emergency department. It is located on the corner of Kessels and Troughton Roads, Coopers Plains. Phone: (07) 3275 6111.
  • Ipswich Hospital is a major hospital with an emergency department. It is located at Chelmsford Avenue, Ipswich. Phone: (07) 3810 1111.
  • Logan Hospital is also a major hospital with an emergency department. It is located on the corner of Loganlea and Armstrong Roads, Meadowbrook. Phone: (07) 3299 8899.

For other resources for getting help for sick Brisbane Kids, check out Where Can I Find a 24-hour Pharmacy in Brisbane? and Late Night Chemists in Brisbane.

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