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Child Aware Children’s Counselling and Psychology Services Brisbane

Often there comes a time as a parent when you realise that your child could really benefit from some professional help, guidance and strategies, whether it be in overcoming a difficulty, tackling something they struggle with or simply ensuring they get the most out of life.

Many children need help in areas such as autistic spectrum disorders, anxiety, sleep problems, behavioural difficulties, difficulties with social skills or difficulties at school. It can be hard for parents to know who to turn to for trusted and effective help with this, which is why it’s great to know that Child Aware are experienced and highly skilled in dealing with all of these issues and more.

Children's counselling and therapies

What does Child Aware do?

Child Aware is a child and family friendly counselling and psychology service for children, young people and families. They offer evidence-based psychology services that promote hope, independence, and resilience. Above all, they aim to ensure that children, young people and families have access to high quality and affordable services and that the best interests of children and young people are prioritised.

Located in Carina and Woolloongabba, Child Aware offers a high standard of professional service and convenient opening hours. Their dedicated and trusted team of child psychologists are all qualified, highly trained and experienced in working with a diverse range of clients.

Children's counselling and therapies

The Child Aware approach

Child Aware was set up by qualified psychologists with a passion for child protection and early intervention, as well as a commitment to offer a warm and welcoming environment in which children, young people and their families can get the support they need.

The Child Aware counselling services are run by psychologists who specialise in assisting children, young people and families to overcome issues by using evidence-based interventions, focused psychological strategies and best practice. Their approach is flexible and collaborative and centred around the client so that it can best meet the personal goals and needs of each individual.

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Services available at Child Aware

Child Aware offers a whole range of services to support children and those around them. These include assessment, counselling and their Autism Program.


Child Aware provides comprehensive educational and developmental assessment for children and adolescents to discover each individual’s strengths, needs or underlying issues, to assess their potential in relation to school and to offer guidance and practical strategies for reaching their full potential.


Child Aware’s counselling sessions are usually held once per week and last 50 minutes. Counselling areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Learning and school difficulties
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Anger management
  • Attention and concentration difficulties (e.g. ADHD)
  • Fears, stress, worry and anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Coping with separation
  • Sleep problems
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Trauma
  • Child Protection Counselling and Education

Autism Program

Child Aware staff provide a variety of services for children and families under the Helping Children with Autism Scheme, and are experienced in working with a broad range of presenting issues. As well as their counselling options, their services include:

  • Assessment for the diagnosis of autism
  • Social skills groups
  • Individual sessions
  • Parent support
  • Home or school sessions

So if you’re looking for professional support that puts children first, takes an individual approach and can cater to the whole family, be sure to check out Child Aware.

To find out more about how Child Aware can help your child or family, please visit their website at or call them on 1300 914 318, where you can request to discuss any questions you have with one of their highly trained psychologists.

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