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The Baby Sleep Company Presents Sleep Seminars for Tired Parents

What ages are the workshops relevant for?

Our child sleep workshops are aimed at parents facing issues with a little one aged between 5 months and 5 years. This is mainly because we don’t generally advise that people try sleep training on babies younger than that. That said, a LOT of the information presented will be useful for children younger than 5 months so we are always happy for parents of younger babies to come along to pick up some tricks and maybe get a head start on what sleep training will involve if they need it when they’re baby is older.

Will you make me do controlled crying?

A lot of parents are very tentative about contacting a baby sleep consultant because they think they will be bullied into doing something that they are not comfortable with. The Baby Sleep Company is unique in that we are a team of trained certified sleep consultants who do not have a one-size-fits-all philosophy. We will go over a range of major sleep training techniques in detail and let you know without bias what the advantages and disadvantages of them all.

We are here to present information to you in a relaxed and supportive environment and to let you make the decision about what is going to suit your family best.

Do you cover naps too?

Yes, we cover all behavioural child sleep problems including (but not limited to) frequent night wakings, bedtime dramas, naps and early rising.

Will you give me written handouts to take home?

Definitely. Each participant will receive one of our booklets with just about all of the relevant information in it plus heaps of room for you to take your own notes. We find that sleep deprived people don’t usually have the best memories and also don’t want you madly trying to scribble everything down as we go so have it all typed up for you in the booklet for you to take home and read over again.

Can I bring my baby with me?

Sure! We try to have an extra set of hands available where possible to help you if your baby is particularly unsettled but if it’s really difficult it might be easier to pop out for a minute or two to settle them down. We would always be happy to stay back for a bit at the end to catch you up on what you missed.

Will I get to ask questions?

Absolutely. We take questions throughout the presentation so we can clear up anything that hasn’t quite clicked as we go rather than you having to try to save them up to ask at the end. We have allowed time for that. We also have you fill in a pre-workshop form with the particulars of your child’s sleep problem and ask you for your top burning questions so we can make sure we cover them off on the day.

Is there food and is it delicious?

Yes and yes! We have Bare Bones Society at Jindalee cater our workshops and honestly the ticket is almost worth it just for that. They can cater for any dietary requirements and we also get REAL coffees/teas/hot chocolates ordered for you to enjoy through the workshop. Because tired mamas often need coffee.

baby sleep company workshop

Will I be able to stay awake for a four hour workshop?

You absolutely will! Just read some of the feedback from past workshops:

“Great Katie! Being so sleep deprived I was wondering if I would get through the 4 hours – but your energy and presentation kept me engaged. Loved the stories and loved the comedy!”

“Katie is so warm and friendly and is willing to help you based around what you feel comfortable with. She doesn’t try to push one particular sleep method.”

“I was scared to book because I thought you would make me leave my baby to cry and I actually started crying when I realised you wouldn’t. THANK YOU Katie for offering choices that work.”

“Great clear information that was rational and made sense. Katie was able to answer all questions with clarity and examples.”

“Awesome! Katie was so knowledgeable and entertaining! Hilarious!”

“Great, funny, entertaining, down to earth”

“I would recommend this workshop to ANY tired mother!”

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