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charlotte mason college

Charlotte Mason College, or CMC as it’s often referred to, is a co-educational private Christian college on the northside of Brisbane in Kallangur. CMC offers individualised learning for on-campus and distance education students from Prep to Year 10.

Opened in 2017, CMC is a relatively small school, with just over 200 students. It follows the Charlotte Mason philosophy whilst delivering the Australian Curriculum with a Christian focus, encouraging students to live in goodness, truth and beauty.

Charlotte Mason College School Philosophy and Values

The College is committed to:

  • providing an affirming and disciplined environment of excellence
  • creating a learning environment where students can grow into successful learners
  • raising up confident and creative individuals
  • nurturing active and informed citizens
  • building an environment where students can become more effective critical and creative thinkers
  • developing the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual life of each student

Charlotte Mason College also value:

  • Presentation of a broad Classical Liberal Arts Education
  • An emphasis on character training and retraining the brain using habit formation
  • Respecting the individual personhood of the child
  • The importance of the learning ‘atmosphere’ including both the aesthetic environment and the social-emotional atmosphere of love and positive encouragement.
  • Encouraging the child’s spirituality, belief in and relationship with God
  • Developing independent thinkers and self-motivated learners
  • Parents and teachers as partners in education
  • High quality and current teaching practices
  • A wide range of educational opportunities for all students
  • Strategies to assist with the provision of equal educational outcomes for all enrolled students.

Enrolment at Charlotte Mason College

Enrolment at Charlotte Mason College can be as an on-campus or distance education student. A prospectus for families considering enrolling at Charlotte Mason College can be obtained by contacting the College.

Should you wish to enrol your child in distance education at CMC, an enrolment form can be obtained from the college. Once accepted and enrolment fees are paid, curriculum resources will be sent out.

Charlotte Mason College at a Glance

  • Address: 30 Narangba Road, Kallangur
  • Phone: 07) 3186 2954
  • Enrolment Numbers: 204 (in 2019)
  • Prep to Year 10
  • Co-educational
  • Independent Christian School
  • On campus and distance education
  • Australian Curriculum with a Christian focus
  • Performing Arts Program including a school musical
  • College chaplain available for students, families and staff.

Facilities at Charlotte Mason College

Charlotte Mason College is located on Narangba Road, Kallangur and works in premises leased from the Pine Rivers Uniting Church.

Special Needs

A small school, with small class sizes and flexible learning options is beneficial to those students who may have previously struggled to thrive in larger, more mainstream schools.  Individualised learning plans tailored to each child is particularly valuable for those with special needs. Whilst there I no dedicated learning support program or special needs teacher, this does not prevent students from learning in a supportive environment.

Extra-Curricular Activities at Charlotte Mason College

Charlotte Mason College offers a variety of extra-curricular activities to complement the curriculum, enhance relationships and develop life skills and community spirit.


Currently, CMC offers camping experiences for children enrolled in Grade 4 and above at the College. Camps are designed to teach students valuable life skills, whilst creating memories and building friendships.

Students in the Upper Primary years (Grade 4-6) have an overnight sleepover at the Kallangur Campus, while the high school students, in Grades 7 – 10, attend the Emu Gully Camping Centre at the Helidon Campus.


The College offer a variety of excursions, which are designed to support and enhance current curriculum programs. Nature study walks are undertaken on a regular basis and are enjoyed by many students.

The College also offer unique ‘ALL IN’ excursions, where all students and their families are invited to attend a special experience. These excursions are a wonderful way for the whole school community to gather together and connect.

Cultural Celebrations

CMC celebrates a number of events, such as Passover Feast, Spring Festival or Roman Feast, with students often dressing-up and preparing entertainment and food relating to that particular event. Special events are also held for Anzac Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, staff inauguration and student graduation, just to name a few.

Why Choose Charlotte Mason College

The friendly, personal approach to education at Charlotte Mason College, assists children to thrive and is the ideal setting for families wanting an individualised approach to learning. The small, community feel of the College also contributes to a friendly and unique environment where children are understood and appreciated.

Charlotte Mason College is located at 30 Narangba Road, Kallangur. Further details can be found at or by phoning (07) 3186 2954.



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