Chardon Bridge Road at Cedar Creek | Creek Play

Chardon Bridge at Cedar Creek

Searching for a spot to fish, a lazy place to soak in the sun or a cool creek to dip into in the warmer weather? Then pay a visit to Chardon Bridge Road, Cedar Creek. This charming swimming and fishing spot is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the fun of creek play.

The Albert River at Cedar Creek

Chardon Bridge at Cedar Creek

Chardon Bridge crosses the Albert River, as it twists and turns through farm land on its way to join the Logan River. This waterway is wide and calm, unless after heavy rain when it can become fast flowing. There is no off-road parking, however this is a country road and parking off to one side is fine. There is the Cedar Creek State Primary School and Community Hall just up the road, where you may also find a parking spot.

The area of the river near the bridge is rocky, but there are sandy parts a little further downstream. Locals can be found throwing in a line whilst their children frolic in the clear water. The creek banks also have plenty of space to place down bags, foot wear or pull up a deck chair.

Games to play in the clear water

Chardon Bridge at Cedar Creek

Our Brisbane Kids enjoyed splashing and wading in the clear running creek. They raced leaves over the shallow rocks and sat on fallen logs, dangling their feet into the deeper water. We enjoyed skimming stones in the calmer areas and throwing larger rocks into the water to see who could make the biggest splash.

There are over-hanging branches from the trees growing along the banks of the river that some older children were jumping from when we visited. This looked like a great deal of fun and had that group entertained for the day. Whilst this is great fun, always check for fallen trees, logs or rocks that could cause serious injury when concealed under the murky water.

Nature Play at Cedar Creek

Chardon Bridge at Cedar Creek

This area of the Albert River is a truly charming spot that reminds me of a bygone era, when things were slower, life was simpler and play was freer. If you plan to keep to the shallow rocky areas during your visit, reef shoes may be a good idea. Our children found the rocks a little hard on their feet, although this did not deter them.

There is a small playground and large playing fields about 100 metres up the road at the Community Hall, which is a perfect spot for a picnic and a few sports games. This is not a designated park, so there are no toilet facilities.

Chardon Bridge at Cedar Creek

Chardon Bridge Road is in Cedar Creek, off Beenleigh-Beaudesert Road, and on the way to Tamborine Mountain.

Cedar Creek Falls Rock Pools are another great nearby creek play destination to enjoy in the hot weather with your Brisbane Kids.

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