Changes to Queensland’s Bike Riding Rules

Attention all Brisbane bicycle riders and drivers (so pretty much everyone). The start of each new year brings a raft of law changes and this time they include new rules for cyclists.

The State Government says the changes were prompted by a safety review and are designed to update confusing or inconsistent rules. They also want cyclists to be recognised as legitimate road users.

So before you take the kids for a ride …. here’s what you need to know.

The new Queensland bike riding rules

  • Cyclists can now ride across zebra and children’s crossings – as long as they come to a complete stop before doing so. They then have to proceed slowly, give way to any pedestrians and keep to the left of oncoming cyclists or people on mobility devices. Remember, Queenslanders can also ride on footpaths if they want.
  • Cyclists can choose whether or not they wish to ride in a bicycle lane when one is provided. This change is consistent with other road rules. For example, buses don’t have to use bus lanes and drivers don’t have to use transit lanes.
  • Bike riders no longer have to ride on the far left side of the road on a single lane roundabout. They can now ride on any part of the road appropriate for their point of exit from the roundabout.

Minimum distance rule

In April last year the government introduced new rules dictating the size of the gap drivers should leave when passing cyclists.

  • In a 60km zone (or less), the minimum distance when passing a cyclist should be at least 1 metre.
  • When the speed limit is more than 60km, drivers should leave at least 1.5 metres.

To make it easier, other road rules have also been changed allowing motorists to cross centre, lines, straddle lane lines or drive over painted traffic islands … but only when it’s safe to do so.

These changes are subject to a two year trial.

Brisbane’s favourite bike tracks

With all of this talk of cycling, check out our top five bike adventures for kids. It might help fill a whole day before school goes back! Top Five Kid Friendly Bike Paths In Brisbane

The Brisbane City Council’s Cycling in Brisbane web page also has information about bike trails and even free safe riding courses.

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