Cedar Creek Samford

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Rock Pools at Samford have long been a favourite for Brisbane Families, not least because of their proximity to Brisbane, less than an hour from the city centre. To access the swimming holes, turn left into Cedar Creek Road 5.7km north of Samford driving along Mt Samson Road and follow the road around.

You will notice on this journey along Mount Samson Road that there are plenty of swimming holes and a road that ultimately leads to Cedar Creek. The journey is picturesque, with a lovely country feel thanks to the peppering of cows, the green fields and even the odd llama.

andy williams park tree

Andy Williams Park

As you head out to Cedar Creek, you can be forgiven for wanting to pull over the moment you see trickling water or cascading falls, especially as you drive across shaded creek crossings. Andy Williams Park is about 4kms in on the left as you head out to Cedar Creek. You will drive over a small bridge and then notice a shoulder side-road where you can drive in and park. Andy Williams Park boasts toilets and electric BBQs, picnic tables and plenty of shade.

Andy Williams Park

When you head down towards the river you will understand why this is a favourite destination for travellers both near and far. Imagine trickling streams, kids damming with rocks, scrub turkeys and even the odd rogue Rooster (true!). This place is amazing and in the height of summer offers a welcoming cool off in any number of the rock pools that you will find along the path of this river.

Like any Brisbane river, you need to be mindful of the weather than has preceded your visit. Andy Williams and Cedar Creek Pools are fed by mountain rains and if it has been dry for some time the streams can become stagnant. This is a destination that is best enjoyed after fresh rains and even better after several days of rain.

Cedar Creek Rock Pools

Cedar Creek Rock Pools can be found at the end of the line. Literally keep driving past Andy Williams Park until you can drive no longer and you will reach Cedar Creek. With deep rock pools, lots of places to explore and trickling streams there isn’t much not to like about Cedar Creek. As with Andy Williams Park, Cedar Creek Samford is best explored after rain to give the waterways a chance to flush and to ensure you are paddling in fresh water. Cedar Creek, unlike Andy Williams Park, does not have any facilities.

Cedar Creek

While bushwalking is suggested on some websites, we would probably advise against heading here for that purpose. Localised exploring will keep the most active Brisbane Kid busy anyway and bushwalking in this area is more for an adventurous adult than it would be for children.

Cedar Creek Samford

Cedar Creek Samford is a Home

The Cedar Creek Waterhole is not only frequented by visitors but is also a favourite among locals. Locals are keen to preserve this area and trust that visitors will leave with the rubbish that they bought in. Be mindful and courteous to the homes and people around you and ensure that Cedar Creek remains free and beautiful. On your journey home you should consider making the most of your visit and check out all the Things to do for families in Samford.

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