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Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium – a magical world for Witches and Wizards!

Caudrons cafe and emporium store 

Magic fans rejoice – there is a new wizard themed store in town! Whether you’re a wizard or a witch, there’s plenty here for everyone. Located just south of Brisbane in Slacks Creek, right near the M1 and next door to the Christmas Shack, the Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium is in a handy location to visit with your Brisbane Kids.

A Wizard Themed Store in Brisbane!

Caudrons cafe and emporium harry potter store

The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium is a store chock-full of licensed Harry Potter merchandise. There’s everything from robes to wands, toys games and puzzles, your Brisbane Kid will think they’ve wandered into the books! There’s also a cafe here serving hot and cold beverages and tasty sweet treats. 

The beautifully decorated space will have witches and wizards feeling right at home – with fairy lights and banners adorning the walls and ceiling.

The Cauldrons Cafe

Caudrons cafe and emporium cafe

The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium’s owners, Shaun and Gabe, are usually on hand to help you locate your wizarding needs or to arrange a hot mug of hot coffee or chocolate), iced coffees and chocolates and teas, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey and peppermint. If those aren’t to your taste, there’s a great range of cold drinks in the fridge. There’s also a selection of treats like muffins, slices and tarts as well as biscuits and lollies for a sweet treat. 

The Emporium

Caudrons cafe and emporium bags and figurines

The range of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise here includes something for every Harry Potter fan! There are broomsticks and wands, jewellery, stickers and toys. For the youngest Brisbane Kids, there are baby onesies and cuddly soft toys, while school-aged Brisbane kids might prefer the costumes – wizard robes and witches hats – as well as a range of pencil cases and pencils and other school equipment. There’s plenty here for older Brisbane kids as well – the glass cabinets are loaded with beautiful necklaces, watches and wands and other precious collectables, and there are games and puzzles to choose from as well.

There are huge ranges of collectable figurines here, including Pop!Vinyl figures and other high quality brands. There are also adult-sized t-shirts, hoodies and a whole range of bags in various styles and sizes.

If you’re planning a wizard themed party, there’s a whole range of everything you might need, from birthday candles to cookie cutters, with a range of decorations like ribbons, flags and streamers also available.

Another great birthday idea could be to let your Harry Potter fan have some birthday money to spend here at the Cauldons Cafe and Emporium. It would be perfect for older Brisbane Kids who have an understanding of money and want to pick out something for themselves!

Caudrons cafe and emporium chocolate frogs and every flavour beans

If you’re feeling brave, definitely keep a few dollars aside for a packet of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans – Brisbane Kids will have a lot of fun trying jellybean flavours such as soap, sausage and booger, as well as traditional flavours like blueberry and watermelon. Otherwise, there are more traditional-flavoured lollies and beautifully-crafted chocolate frogs from Poppy’s Chocolate in a whole range of flavours. 

No matter your budget or your age, if you are interested in the Harry Potter world you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy at the Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium.

How to get here

The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium is located at 3325 Pacific Hwy, Slacks Creek QLD 4127


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