Catch Santa In The Act On Your mobile phone

catch santa in the act

I know what you are thinking, catching Santa in the act!? Do we expect you to stay up all night long?? NO! And imagine you snoozed off for a minute and you missed him! Catching Santa in the act on your mobile phone (Iphone or Android), with a photo is easier than you think and there are lots of different ways thanks to technology.

Option 1. Catch Santa in the Act on Video

This means lots of memory on your phone, a tripod and setting continuous video. You could probably use Zapier or IFFT to automatically send your videos to dropbox or the like OR you could set your own personal alarm a couple of times and come out and download what you have and repeat. Then go back the next day and find out when he got in and then use a program like iMovie to snip the sections so you can just capture that moment.

Option 2. Use the app Santa Tracker

Where is Santa Claus, (it is free with in-app purchases) – it isn’t really Santa but it will be a realistic version of him. This app also tracks Santa. (premium version $1.49 has no ads). You simply take a photo of your tree and Santa is placed in front.

Option 3. Use the app Catch Santa Clause in my house for Christmas

(free with in-app purchases) You simply take a photo of your tree and Santa is placed in front.

Option 4: Use Pic monkey

You would have to upload your the of your Christmas tree to your PC or mac first and then cut out a pic of Santa and superimpose him over your picture – warning this could look fake.

So that is it! 4 easy options for catching Santa in the act.


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