Cascade Playground Upper Kedron

cascade park upper kedron

In a quiet cul de sac in Upper Kedron is a gem of a playground. Not your average suburban playground, Cascade Playground at Upper Kedron has a sky-high climbing tower, with some super-fast slides that will have your kids wanting to come back over and over again.

Cascade Playground 

The lower level of Cascade playground has equipment that would suit younger children. There’s a brightly coloured four-person see-saw, which works equally well with two children. Toddlers will enjoy the small metal slide, its wide enough for more than one child, perhaps mum or dad can slide alongside as well. Adjacent to that is a small set of stairs built into the rubberised base. These lead to the upper level and the top of the small slide.

cascade playground seesaw

On the upper-level kids will find a spinner which fits multiple children, it can get a little noisy and rowdy. The swing set has a toddler swing, regular swing and a basket swing. The gigantic tower is the perfect balance of ease for younger children, yet tall enough to engage bigger kids. Suited to ages three and up, it starts with angled baskets to the first level. Internally the floor is tightly woven cargo netting; each level is connected by a rope ladder. For safety, it begins enclosed as a tunnel before opening. At the top of the tower is a spiral slide down to the upper level.

The slides are metal, and they may get a little hot. Check them before letting your children on them and use your better judgement.

2 silver slides in a playground at upper kderon

Imagination Factor

The massive tower lends itself to some sky-high adventures. Let the kids Pilot their rocket into space, pass the stars, check out a planet or two, then upon landing slide down the exit chute. Perhaps to escape a crocodile, they must climb the treehouse. However they play, the tower is just good old fashioned climbing and sliding fun!



The playground sits upon a ridgeline with the car park positioned below. There are no marked disability car spaces in the carpark, and the spaces are all standard width. The carpark is on a slight incline and is a long row of 90-degree parking, so vans could reverse in as the pathway is very close to the bitumen. Paths connect the carpark to the shelters and play space. There are no toilets. As the terrain surrounding the park is quite hilly, it is partially fenced, however, the fence does not run along the roadside. 

Upper Kedron Playground

Cascade Playground features

  • Three-level tower
  • Two large metal slides
  • One smaller metal slide
  • Seesaw
  • Swings – basket, normal, toddler
  • Spinner
  • Grassed area for ball or running games
  • Partially fenced
  • Shaded by shade sails
  • Rubberised soft fall
  • BBQs
  • Three shelters with table and chairs
  • Water bubbles
  • No toilets

While you’re in the area why not stop off at Keppera Picnic Grounds for a cool off in the free splash park or for more playground fun you might like to check out George Wilmore park at Ferny Hills

Cascade Park is located at the end of Cascade Place, Upper Kedron.

Center map

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