Carrington Green Park in Carina | Neighbourhood playground

Carrington Green Park in Carina feels like a neighbour’s big backyard. The play equipment and open grassy spaces will keep Brisbane Kids entertained whilst burning off some energy.

Carrington Green Park – The Fun

Carrington Green Park is a great unfenced neighbourhood playground that is suited to younger and primary school aged Brisbane Kids. The play equipment includes swings for infants as well as bigger kids, slide, rockers and a wobbly bridge. Bigger Brisbane Kids well enjoy running and playing ball games on the adjacent open grassy space.

Imagination Factor

The grassy space at Carrington Green Park is great for games of tiggy or mini football games. The sheltered play equipment is better suited to younger Brisbane Kids and is perfect for playing house and escaping grumpy trolls living under the wobbly bridge.

Special Needs

Unfortunately, Carrington Green Park does not have toilet facilities. The playground is covered by shade structures. The park has bench seating, a picnic shelter with table, a wood barbeque and grassy open space to set up for the day. The playground equipment is suited to a younger age group; however the open grassy areas provide a space for older Brisbane Kids to play. The playground is unfenced.

Carrington Green Park

  • Unfenced playground sheltered by shade sails
  • Bark base
  • Timber play structure with wobbly bridge
  • Rocker
  • Slide
  • Infant swing
  • Swing
  • Bike path
  • Large flat grassy spaces
  • Large shady trees
  • Picnic shelter with table
  • Bench seats
  • Wood barbeque
  • Street parking at end of Cloverbrook Place

Another fantastic nearby Brisbane Playground is Carindale Recreation Reserve.

Carrington Green Park is located on Cloverbrook Place in Carina.

Center map

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