Cool things to do with Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes provide a wealth of possibilities in the fun that can be had by kids for little or no money for hours! Its like the perfect combination of imagination meets recycling. Check out our ideas here

The Cardboard Box Bus

Just think of the places your Brisbane Kid can take their teddies. All across the country side. This one wouldnt be too hard to make but would be made easier by a sharp stanley knife. Love the paint job.

cardboard bus

The Cardboard Limo

How gorgeous is this limo. Allowing for the whole family to be involved. You could talk about what a limo is all about- dress up for a big event like a birthday party or just some Friday night movies. We love this- so easy to make!

cardboard made car

The Cardboard Race Track

Thanks to Beenleigh Family Day Care we have this wonderful idea of creating an enormous race track for kids to while away the hours. The great thing about this activity is that you could do this with smaller boxes too making it accessible and easy for  everyone!

cardboard box race track

The Cardboard box Icecream Truck

This example was sent in by a Brisbane Mum who created this wonderful imagination tool for her Brisbane Kids. cardboard icecream truck


The Shoebox dollhouse

Thanks to Beenleigh Family Day Care- look what can be done with a shoebox and a bit of imagination!

shoebox dollhouse

The Tank

This is a wonderfully inspired use of many different types of cardboard



The Cardboard Box House

How impressive is this? If you are lucky you can head to your local Harvey Norman, Good Guys or Clive Anthony’s and you might be generously gifted a box- otherwise keep an ear out for friends buying a new fridge or washing machine because often the box packaging is left at the store.


Monster Boxes

These monster tissue boxes were made at Beenleigh Family Daycare. The monster with a handle is a ‘monster handbag’. What a great way to use tissue boxes when they’re empty!

Tissue Box Monsters

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