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Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten is located in Cannon Hill, a quiet, safe and family friendly suburb. Since 1963, Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten has served local families from Cannon Hill, Morningside, Murrarie, Tingalpa, Carina and beyond.

At Cannon Hill Kindy the children are enrolled on a 5-day fortnight basis and attend the Centre from 8.45am to 2.45pm. Children will attend 3 days one week and then 2 days the next, or vice versa. The Centre supports two classes, Kindy M every Monday, Tuesday and alternative Wednesdays, and Kindy C on alternative Wednesdays and every Thursday and Friday.

A long-running service with strong ties to the local community

Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten, playground. kindy in Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten was established in 1962 as the Cannon Hill Kindergarten and Community Pre-School Association, and officially opened in 1963. The goal was to provide preschool education for children aged three to five years. The Kindy has strong ties to the local community, and promotes parent involvement in the daily operations of the kindergarten. The culturally diverse kindy community always been an active and visible presence in their wider local community, which promotes a strong sense of belonging for children and their families.

Why choose Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten?

Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten, staff with child

Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten’s teachers have years of experience, and have been with the kindergarten since 1985 and 1997 respectively. These teachers are experienced and possess a long association with the Centre and, as a consequence, are able to offer consistency of care and familiarity. Some of the parents within the families currently at the Centre were once students there themselves, and are now bringing their own children back to experience the Educational Program and opportunities that are available at Cannon Hill Kindergarten.  This creates a wonderful sense of community.

Cannon Hill Kindy is a Lady Gowrie affiliated centre. Lady Gowrie community-based Kindergartens are synonymous with providing quality early childhood services to local families. Like all Lady Gowrie Kindergartens, this centre respects and value the individual backgrounds, cultures and customs of families within the service.


Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten, kindy in Cannon Hill, children happy outdoors

The Educational Program that is implemented at Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten offers children authentic opportunities for learning in a play-based environment. Their play-based curriculum also ensures that the children’s play is used to enhance their learning in a way that is both appropriate and fun.

The children of the kindy are supported to adopt attitudes and dispositions that will encourage each individual child to become life-long learners as well as resilient and productive future members of society. The implementation of the Kindergarten Learning Guidelines ensures that all aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework are embedded in order to support the delivery of a quality Educational Program that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of each and every child.

Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten, kindy in Cannon Hill, classroom

The children’s sense of agency, as well as their ideas and interests, are promoted through collaborative planning sessions with Educators where the children, as competent and capable learners, make decisions about curriculum directions and design that are valued and embraced.

Most of all, however, the children have fun whilst they learn and openly and spontaneously express their joy at attending Kindergarten. Please feel free to visit the Kindy at any time to observe what a day at Cannon Hill Kindergarten offers.

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Cannon Hill Community Kindergarten is located at 10 Imperial Avenue, Cannon Hill.

To find out more, please visit, or call (07) 3399 7280.

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