Can you eat hot food in cinemas?

Hot food in cinemas

Popcorn and choc-tops have long been a rite of passage for movie-goers of all ages, but what about burgers, hot chips or even the humble sausage roll? Years ago when drive-in theatres were prevalent it was the norm to be able to enjoy hot food whilst watching a movie.  However, now that watching a movie means sharing a cinema with numerous strangers rather than from the comfort of your own vehicle, it appears people are somewhat torn about whether we should be allowed to eat hot food.

Arguments for hot food

Hot food in cinemas

Freedom of choice – many people believe that because you’re paying for the privilege of watching a movie, and also for the food you’re consuming during the movie, you should therefore be free to choose what type of food you want to eat.

It will stop people bringing in outside food – it’s been put forward that if people were given the option of purchasing hot food at the cinemas it would minimise the number of people who deliberately conceal food they’ve brought in from outside, such as McDonalds or KFC.

Arguments against hot food

Hot food in cinemas

Smell – lots of people have an issue with hot food creating a strong smell due to the oil used when it’s been cooked and the amount of grease content.

Mess – similarly people are concerned that greasy food would create more mess in the cinemas with greasy stains left on the chairs in particular. In addition to spilt condiments like tomato sauce and discarded pickles.

Options provided by cinemas

Cinema popcorn

Most cinemas have a policy that you aren’t allowed to bring in outside food, meaning you’re stuck with the choices sold at the candy bar. Well those who follow the rules are at least. For most cinemas, this means you have a choice of lollies, chocolate, chips, ice-cream, popcorn, soft drinks and frozen coke.

Where to get hot food at the cinemas

Hot food in cinemas

There are however exceptions where you can get hot drinks, food and, in some cases, even meals.

Most gold class cinemas offer hot meals as part of their in cinema dining options. Event Cinemas, at certain locations such as Chermside, have an entire section of the candy bar dedicated to hot options such as burgers, chips and sausage rolls. They also have coffee stands at various locations where takeaway coffee can be purchased and taken into the cinemas.

Southbank Cinemas have a cafe which sells hot food including hotdogs and hot chips as well as coffee that can be taken into the cinemas.

Are you for or against hot food in the cinemas?

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