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If you are at that stage of family life when prams are part and parcel of any trip out then you will definitely want to use a pram at the Ekka.

Can you hire a pram at the Ekka?

Yes you can hire prams and strollers at the Ekka for $20 a day from the John Macdonald Stand.

When Hire times are strictly 9.00am to 5.00pm. Where With Day Locker Hire, underneath the John MacDonald stand Bookings Contact Owen Downs [email protected] Bond Refundable only on return of item under terms of signed hire agreement.

Will you need a pram at the Ekka?

If you usually use a pram when you are out then YES take a pram. If you sometimes use a pram then consider taking one. The distance between the different attractions means long walks, and for toddlers, many opportunities to get lost or overwhelmed by the crowds. The Queensland Exhibition is pram friendly with flat surfaces for the most part, but crowds will work for and against you. You also won’t be able to take your pram into the animal pavilion where you pat the baby animals so make sure you don’t have any valuables unwittingly left in there when you leave it in the designated pram parking area.

Benefits of taking a pram

  • Somewhere for the kids to rest
  • Somewhere to keep the kids safe and calm as you move to and from different pavilions
  • Somewhere for the kids to sit and eat meaning you only need to find seating for yourself
  • Somewhere for the kids to sit on public transport which can be very crowded during peak Ekka times
  • You will have a great spot to store any showbags (so leave that part until last)

Downsides of taking a pram

  • It can be harder to get around particularly in the more congested and popular areas
  • You may feel stressed about leaving it unaccompanied while you go on rides
  • It can be hard to find a spot on a train. Arrive early for any public transport, locate the bright wheelchair signage indicating that there will be a train worker who will come out near that area, providing you with the support you might need to get on the train.

On behalf of Brisbane Kids we wish you a safe and wonderful Ekka experience. You might be interested to read all about how to make the most of taking a toddler to the Ekka.

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