Where Can You Pay for Petrol at the Pump in Brisbane?

Paying for petrol when you have kids in the car can be a bit of a nightmare. Gone are the days when a helpful attendant would pump your petrol and process payment for you. The best way to avoid the “un-win-able” situation of whether to leave your kids in the car or take them with you to pay is to use a Pay at the Pump Petrol Station. If you are still in two minds then check out our related article Can You Leave the Kids in the Car While You Get Petrol?

What pay at the pump petrol stations mean to you

You will need a credit or debit card with a PIN

You will need to estimate the amount you will be filling up so a pre-authorisation check can be completed. This is to confirm you have the funds available to make the purchase as once the petrol is in your car it isn’t coming out!

The pre-authorisation check will hold the amount you enter e.g. $70 but it will only deduct the actual amount you spend. For example if you input $70 but only pump $60, you will only be charged the $60. In most cases the surplus funds are immediately released back onto your card but there are some situations where the financial institutions you use may delay this process so just bear this in mind if you have a small limit on your card or are living pay to pay on a debit card. Your bank statements may make it look like two amounts have been debited from your account but rest assure that the account will only be debited once as the initial pre-authorisation transaction will be cancelled prior to the actual transaction. If you have any concerns about the amounts or a delay in the cancellation of the pre-authorisation contact your financial institution NOT the service station.

You will receive a receipt and if the pump you are using runs out of paper all you need to do is pop the card you used for payment into one of the other pumps and choose the re-print receipt option.


Stay in your car at these Service Stations in Brisbane

Caltex offers Pay at the Pump at many of its Service Stations with more and more coming online. You can access their list of stations here although our research at Brisbane Kids has found there are even more than the ones on their official list! So here is our list (compiled by our wonderful BK family):

  • Samford
  • Nundah
  • Morningside
  • Kenmore
  • Hamilton
  • Wishart
  • Sumner
  • Goodna
  • Annerley
  • Stafford
  • Brookwater
  • Richlands
  • Forest Lake
  • Arana Hills
  • Underwood
  • North Lakes
  • Loganholme
  • Burpengary
  • North Ipswich

Costco is the other provider of Pay at the Pump petrol in Brisbane. To access this service you need to be a member of Costco.

There is also a Pay at the Pump option at BP on Milton Road (next to McDonalds) not far from Milton Playground.

Our amazing Brisbane Kids Family also uncovered a couple of locations where there is still the good old fashioned service station service of someone pumping your petrol and taking payment for you. You can find this at the BP on Kitchener Road in Ascot (Monday-Friday only) and at the Matilda Petrol Station on Old Northern Road in Everton Park.

You can get more information about the Pay at the Pump at both Caltex and Costco here:



Do you know of any other Petrol Stations where you can pay at the pump or receive the full service treatment?



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