Camping at Cullendore High Country

Cullendore High Country

This peaceful and spacious campground is located on a 4000-acre cattle property, half of which is used exclusively for camping.  Your drive to the property takes you along a scenic dirt track with beautiful views of the mountains.  Kangaroos, Cows and an abundance of birdlife greet you as you drive in and will continue to be seen throughout your stay.  After checking in at the office and being given your maps; you will begin your drive through the property.

Cullendore High Country

The campgrounds are divided into four regions:

Mountain Camp – Set on a mountain top amongst the trees, these campsites offer a degree of privacy and lovely views of neighbouring mountains.  Flushing toilets are located at the beginning of the camp.

Forest Camp – These campsites range from larger sites on the tree line with open grassed areas to smaller sites dotted throughout the trees.  These tree sites offer fantastic shade and privacy from other campers.  Camp here to be closest to the hot showers and toilets.

Creek Camp – This camp area is the largest most open camping area at Cullendore High Country.  The campsites have plenty of space between them and a large open grassed area through the centre.  Most sites will offer the shade of a tree or two you can pitch your tent under.  You will also find a small creek flowing along the edge of the camp and a small dam to one end.  Flushing toilets are located at the entry to Creek Camp.

The Overflow – These sites are set along the border of several small streams or along the edge of Clancy’s dam.  Set at the furthest end of the campground, these sites offer seclusion and choice of pitching your tent under the shade of trees or on the sunny grassed areas.  Some of the sites would require a drive to the toilet block which is located at the entry to “The Overflow”


Each of the four camp areas is fully accessible to 2WD vehicles with only a few tracks limited to 4WD.

The property is suitable for caravans, camper trailers and tents alike, though offers no powered sites.

Cullendore High Country

Facilities at Cullendore High Country

Flushing toilets can be found near the four camp areas, though some campsites may require a small drive to get there.  Those wanting a more secluded camping experience would be better off bringing a toilet with them.  However, there are no dump sites on the property so you will need to take its contents with you.

Showers can be found at two locations on the property.  Hot showers are conveniently located at ‘Forest Camp’.  You will also find a lukewarm bush shower at ‘The Overflow’ camp area

Fire Pits can be found at each camp site, firewood can be purchased from the Office

Ice can also be purchased from the Office

Rubbish Bins can be found next to the toilet blocks at each of the four camping regions

Activities to enjoy at Cullendore High Country

Scenic Driving Tracks can be found throughout the property.  Upon arrival at the camp, you will be giving a map of the roads you can explore.

Be sure to check out ‘The Lookout” for amazing views of the mountains.

Mountain Biking tracks for kids and more advanced riders

The wildlife makes this campground extra special for the kids and grownups alike.  Kangaroos are seen often, other species such as Bettong, Possums and Rabbits can be spotted on a night time animal hunt.  You will also often hear the Cows mooing throughout the day and night.

Bushwalking is a great way to explore the property for those with a love of nature or a keen eye for photography.

You will find plenty of room to play, why not strike up a match of footy, cricket or soccer – whichever you prefer

Take a drive to the nearby Maryland National Park or visit Queen Mary Falls just a 30-minute drive away

Swimming – You will find lots of small streams and a couple of dams in various places around the campgrounds.  These areas may have too many reeds and lilies for some swimmers.  However, the office is more than happy to provide a map showing the locations of local waterfalls and swimming holes, all within 30minutes of the property.

Camp Fires – Nothing feels more like camping than sitting around the fire at night toasting marshmallows and warming your fingertips.  Lucky for camp goers at Cullendore High Country, each campsite offers a fire pit for your convenience.  You can also purchase firewood from the office for $15 a bag if you find yourself in need.

Cullendore High Country

How to make the most of your stay at Cullendore High Country

  • If you would like to book one of the more secluded campsites, bring your own toilet as you may not be within easy walking distance.  Also, remember the camp offers no dump sites so you will need to take your waste with you. You will need to bring your own drinking water.
  • The office only accepts cash payments, so be sure to bring some money with you. You may also want to bring a little extra if you would like to purchase some firewood or ice.
  • Take a footy or cricket set with you for some extra fun.
  • If you are staying in the cooler months, bring plenty of warm clothing and bedding as the temperature can drop significantly at night.
  • Be sure to check out the Website ( beforehand and download the Map and Directions to ensure you arrive with ease.

Rules to be aware of at Cullendore High Country

The property is aiming to be a family friendly campground for those with an appreciation for the quiet and serenity of bush camping.  Therefore, radios and music should be kept to a minimum, with absolute restrictions placed after 9pm.

No Pets are allowed at the campground.

Drivers are limited to 15kph throughout the property for safety reasons and extreme 4×4 Driving is prohibited.

Cullendore High Country

Cullendore High Country is located at 248 Cullendore Creek Road, Cullendore NSW. Please visit the website for more information –

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    hi my husband and i would like to come for a stay at your park as soon as the border allows us too . we have never been to your place only gong as far as gordon country , but now are looking to explore something else .We have a caravan 18ft and love being near water but also love looking over mountains as well so whatever you say is fine by us , our daughter and family usually comes with us but they want us to come and see your properity first as we are retired. SOwould you mind emailing me how much it costs nightly and when you think you maybe able to have visitors on your farm .thank you for your time lynn shackell

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