Camira Kindergarten (C&K)

Camira C&K Kindergarten, kindergarten in Camira

Camira Kindergarten is a C&K affiliated early childhood program that has been servicing the Greater Springfield community for 30 years. The kindy offers two groups in a 5-day fortnight, and their daily program runs from 8.30am to 2.38pm. Camira Kindergarten view children as individuals with unique patterns of growth and development, which staff recognise, respect and nurture. Camira Kindergarten is rated at “Exceeding the National Standard” under the National Quality Framework, and they are one of the very few centers within their region with this rating.

Kindergarten program in Camira

Camira Kindergarten, C & K Camira, Springfield kindy

The Camira Kindergarten program focuses on helping children to feel that they belong and have much to contribute to everyone as a group. This is encouraged by staff building positive relationships with children and their families; connecting children to the adults and other children in the kindy through play. Camira Kindergarten also has a wonderful natural environment where children are encouraged to investigate, explore and develop skills as they connect with nature. The teachers and educators work closely with individual children and small groups to support and extend their learning, providing opportunities for creative expression through a variety of art media and natural materials. They also provide caring support for children so that they can develop harmonious relationships with their peers, and so that each child follows their own pathway to success. Through play the children have creative opportunities to develop skills in language and literacy, mathematics, physical competence, art and science.

Play-based curriculum

Camira C&K Kindergarten, kindergarten in Camira

Camira Kindergarten adheres to the national Early Years Learning Framework, as well as C&K’s early childhood learning framework: Building Waterfalls 2 and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. At Camira Kindergarten each child will:

  • Interact and socialise with other children
  • Have opportunities to develop independence, creativity, physical, emotional and thinking skills
  • Gain early literacy and early numeracy skills
  • Have opportunities to participate in music, drama, listening, language and relaxation sessions
  • Be given time, space, guidance, nurturing and encouragement to mature over all areas of development

Nature setting

Camira Kindergarten, C & K Camira, Springfield kindy

Camira Kindergarten is a not-for-profit service, meaning all the funds made go directly back into the kindergarten. The centre has fully qualified and registered teachers facilitating their play-based curriculum within a natural setting of mature trees, rocks, grass and wildlife.

Camira Kindergarten is located at 24 Allan Road, Camira.

To find out more, and to view the Camira Kindergarten in person, please visit

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