Cafe Kalina at Springfield

toodstool at cafe kalina

If you were to imagine the perfect child-friendly cafe you could easily be imagining Cafe Kalina at Springfield. Locally owned, its a venue with a clear intent to attract local and visiting families! 

The food at Cafe Kalina

kids eating breakfast at cafe kalina

  • Breakfast Cafe Kalina’s breakfast menu has all the standard offerings including eggs benedict and breakfast wraps, as well as a delicious breakfast burrito and extras you can order on the side. Maple Bacon Waffles (think waffles + bacon + syrup + cream) warrant some attention and a couple of vegetarian options (or vegan hold the eggs) ensure this is a breakfast place that can cater to everyone.
  • Lunch The lunch menu features a variety of different cafe type meals from burgers and halloumi wraps as well as the essential BLT. If you are looking for a slice to pair with your coffee, they have that too in a glass cabinet display.
  • Dinner A dinner menu offers steaks and burgers with kid’s chicken nuggets and chips. If you are lucky enough to book on “burger night” you will discover an expanded burger menu including a burger option the kids. Cafe Kalina also hosts other specialty nights, you can find out more about these through their Facebook page.
  • Coffee Tired parents will appreciate an extensive coffee menu and a range of milk options to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements. A selection of smoothies and bottled cold drinks are available too.

Even your dog is welcome at Cafe Kalina! 

Cafe Kalina Playgrounds

Cafe Kalina is overlooking a brand new park and playground area and this is what makes this easy-going space so perfect for families.

There are two separate play spaces. One is located just a few steps from the cafe deck and another just a short walk away. 

The playground closest to the cafe can be viewed from the deck making it easy for your kids to be entertained while you supervise as you wait for your order.  This play area features an engaging toadstool house with a water pump. Its curious and simple but equally spectacular invitation to play, almost like it has purposefully relied on the imagination of kids to bring it to life.

cafe kalina waterpump, child playing

The second of the Springfield playgrounds is a short walk from the cafe with the concrete path twisting and turning across the gentle slope, then over a bridge to a tyre swing and three inground trampolines. 

There are two undercover picnic tables located near the trampolines and a fun musical percussion installation with a few different pieces to play with. Other playground offerings include a springy seesaw and a large climbing wall. The second playground is a bit far to actively supervise your kids from the cafe but it is still the perfect place to head with a coffee-to-go after you grab a bite to eat. 

inground trampolines springfield

How to get here

Cafe Kalina is located at Panorama Drive at Springfield. They have a Facebook Page here.

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