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caboolture montessori school

Super powering education in Moreton Bay

Caboolture Montessori School is the only Montessori primary school in Moreton Bay and provides a real academic alternative to traditional educational methods. Turning the ‘factory’ view of education on its head, this is a school that provides customized pathways for the academic and personal fulfilment of every single student. As seen in the most recent NAPLAN results, the Montessori Method of education is capable of producing high academic outcomes.

The big difference is that Montessori children end up with an innate love of learning and are happy. Caboolture Montessori School is very different to what most people understand as a school experience. There is a careful balance between student, teacher, family and community – a balance which in turn has an incalculable impact on the child.

At CMS, you will discover an inclusive and engaging culture that drives sustainable thinking on a personal and environmental plane; families are at the heart of this culture.

Caboolture Montessori School Philosophy and Values

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Caboolture Montessori School embraces the values of respect for self, respect for each other and respect for communities. They know this is comparable with many schools who tout wonderful value led education. However, at CMS they consciously teach students to be kind, respectful and peaceful, at all times, even on the playground!

Education is delivered in a peaceful, truly caring and astute way, as it should be. They prepare students not just for learning in school, but for learning about life in our ever-changing global world. But that does not mean they don’t have high academic expectations – they expect each child to achieve to the best of their ability, and make every effort to ensure that they do.

The Structure at Caboolture Montessori School

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Students attend multi-aged classes which are called Cycles. Montessori education starts in the Toddler group which accepts children from 15months to 3 years, with parents attending.

    • Cycle 1 is for children age 3-6 (Prekindy, Kindy and Prep)
    • Cycle 2 caters for the 6-9 age group (grades 1, 2, 3)
    • The senior Cycle 3 includes the 9-12 age group (grades 4, 5, 6).
    • Plans for an adolescent school or Cycle 4 (age 12-15) are underway.

In a multi-age classroom your child experiences numerous benefits. A ‘home away from home’ social structure supports strong and positive relationships between the students who teach each other as much as the teacher and the materials.

Each child has an opportunity to be the youngest, the middle and the oldest child, which quite often doesn’t happen in the modern family. Lessons are not age-driven and having a mixed age environment encourages acceptance of different needs within the class or community; an important life lesson.

The Curriculum

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Another surprise for many, as previously mentioned is that CMS is a school with high expectations – both academic and personal. Students and families are supported within the framework of the Australian National Curriculum, and also within the framework of the more rigorous Montessori curriculum.

The Montessori philosophy is not one where children are allowed to do what they like! They have distinct freedom to make choices within their learning. This power of choice, they believe alleviates many discipline issues and is a strong reason why students are engaged and motivated. Students are subsequently guided by highly qualified educators who hold them accountable for their choices.

To support learning, students furthermore are guided to use unique Montessori manipulatives (or materials), engineered specifically to further aid the comprehension of curricular concepts such as those found in Math, Science and more.

The educators

Your child benefits from educators that are supported by two extra years of training after their teaching degree, and act as ‘guides’ rather than teachers. Many people see teaching as a one way process. Montessori students are active and engaged learners and the Montessori philosophy strongly advocates that the environment is the principal stimulus for the child’s motivation to learn, and not the adult alone.

Why choose Caboolture Montessori School?

If you’d like your child to discover their own innate ability to think logically, to solve problems and learn, to become fascinated with the world and compelled to understand it, Caboolture Montessori School facilitates this process with sustainably.

Find our more on the Caboolture Montessori Website 

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