Buxton Park in Yarrabilba

Buxton Park Yarrabilba

Buxton Park in Yarrabilba features a new state of the art playground with a digitally interactive outdoor obstacle course. 

Buxton Park Playground features

Set in a residential area, Buxton Park is a large playground with many fun opportunities for children of all ages. It features a very long and super bumpy caterpillar made out of synthetic turf for children to run, climb, ride, hide in or rest on – which gives the playground a beautiful green friendly look. 

There is a huge garden tower that sits 8.7 m above the ground.  This provides older children with a fun challenge as they need to climb it with the use of many ropes, making their way up to the very top if they dare to.  Once there though, children are rewarded with two huge slides. These curvy and long tunnel slides are a big hit with the kids as they slide down with speed in the darkness. 

buxton park slides in playground

buxton park grassed area.

At the bottom of the playground you will find three in-ground trampolines that will keep the little and the big kids busy and entertained as they jump up reaching for the sky.  There are two sand areas, one with play equipment for children old enough to hang on tight giving them ample more opportunities to release their excess energy and another large sand pit for the younger children to engage in imaginary play.  There are also plenty of swings on offer and even a large net swing to swing high in the air with a friend or with mum or dad. 

An interactive outdoor obstacle course

obstacle course at buxton park yarrabilba.

At the bottom of a grassy hill is a large playing field.  At the end of it you will find the digitally interactive obstacle course. The cross-training circuit features equipment with an integrated training app that allows users of all fitness levels and abilities to make optimal use of the course.  Along with magnetic bells that are perfect for weights training you will also find a core twist, bicycle and more equipment that can be used by individuals or fitness groups at no charge.  

The imagination factor

swings at buxton park.

The giant caterpillar invites children to run, climb and roll, following their own urges as they dive in their play.  The huge climbing tower engages the children’s imagination as they envision themselves climbing to the top becoming as brave and fierce as their favourite characters. The many swings promote dream and wonder as children take themselves on a safe and fantastic journey reaching for the stars releasing the stress of the day in joy. 


buxton park-toilets

Buxton park has its own toilet facilities. The playground equipment is suited to a variety of ages and abilities. The park has a large walking path around it, giving the park an easy access. 

Buxton Park features

  • Fenced playground (Half the playground fenced keeping children away from the road) 
  • BBQ facilities 
  • Picnic area 
  • Bench seats 
  • Sheltered picnic table 
  • Park both shaded by shade sails 
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities (some distance from obstacle course) 
  • Cement and rubber surface. 
  • Sandpits 
  • Large bumpy turf caterpillar 
  • Large walking paths 
  • Seesaw 
  • Sway Swing – wheelchair accessible 
  • Climbing tower 
  • Toddler swings 
  • Children all age swing 
  • Digital interactive obstacle course. 
  • Water bubbler 
  • Playing field – very large grassy open space separating the playground to the obstacle course. 
  • Parking at the top around the playground 

How to get here

To get to Buxton Park take Larimar Avenue off Yarrabilba Drive. It is located in the retreat on Buxton Avenue.


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