Symphony Crescent Park at Burpengary

Symphony Crescent Park

An ideal all-day destination for families, there is so much to do at Symphony Crescent Park it will leave your Brisbane Kids asking to return for another visit.

Symphony Crescent Park

This northside park is a wonderful destination for families to enjoy, no matter what time of the year. It features a variety of play equipment suitable for all ages, as well as a basketball half-court, a mini traffic track and picnic facilities including sheltered picnic tables, barbeques, drinking fountains and the all-important toilets.  The playground is surrounded by large, open grassy areas, which lends itself perfectly to ball games, running races or even flying a kite.

Symphony Crescent Park Playground

The playground at Symphony Crescent Park is divided into two separate areas, one being tailored to the younger children and the other for the older kids. Mini traffic tracks weave between the two and is a great opportunity for your little ones to practice riding or scooting and learn the road rules in the process.

The play area for the younger children is partially covered by shade sails and is located closest to the picnic tables and barbeques, which makes it easy for the adults to keep an eye on them. Equipment in this area includes a bank of swings (standard and toddler swing) and a small, colourful fort which contains lots of climbing opportunities, a little bridge and a slide. Separate to this fort is a spinner, a rounded climbing net and a springer bike.

Heading over to the other play area, you will come across the ‘Teen Rager,’ a fiery red outdoor play system for the slightly older Brisbane Kid. This equipment contains a series of climbing obstacles, a flying fox and the ever popular ‘Sky Surfer.’ There is also some stand up spinners, which you can twist and turn on. Not far from this play area, is the basketball half-court, where the kids can practice shooting hoops and playing with friends.

Imagination Factor

Younger Brisbane Kids can use their imagination to get away from the molten lava or escape giant spiders by climbing their way through all of the awesome play equipment and swinging on the flying fox at Symphony Crescent Park. As always, we love the traffic track and paths for teaching kids about the rules of the road whilst also stretching imaginations so that they can become truck drivers, mailmen or racing car drivers.


This unfenced playground has a range of concrete paths which lead from the car-parking area, to the picnic tables, around the playground and beyond, making it suitable for wheelchairs and prams. The play area for the smaller children is covered by shade sails, though the play area for the older children is currently unshaded. Accessible toilet facilities are available and can be accessed by concrete paths.

Symphony Crescent Park features

  • Unfenced playground
  • Accessible toilets
  • Shade sails over some equipment
  • Swings including a toddler swing
  • Flying fox
  • Climbing equipment
  • Slide
  • Mini traffic track
  • Basketball half-court
  • Open grassy spaces
  • Shelters
  • BBQs
  • Water fountains
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Bike rack
  • Street parking

Another great playground nearby is Aurora Boulevard Park.

Symphony Crescent Park is located at 40 Symphony Crescent in Burpengary.

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4 responses to “Symphony Crescent Park at Burpengary”

  1. Cheryl says:

    This is a great park for the kids. Since the upgrade its always popular. Very clean area, 2 BBQ’s to be used, shelter, play equipment for kids of all ages. My kids are 8 & 11 and still love going there.

  2. Tathra says:

    Toilets have no been installed and very clean.

  3. Leia says:

    This park DOES have a single toilet. One of the fancy new council ones. The North Lakes Park (Aurora Boulevard…near Bounty Boulevard Primary School), also has those ‘fancy’ toilets…2 toilets there.

  4. Leia says:

    And yes…we go there often, and LOVE it there (as we do the North Lakes one). 🙂

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