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Bulimba Memorial Park is one of those Brisbane Playgrounds that speaks volumes about the lifestyle that Brisbane is so lucky to enjoy, thanks to good weather and a safe open community. Pick up a coffee from your favourite Oxford Street haunt on the way here or stop for an ice cream on the way home, this playground is conveniently located in the picturesque heart of Bulimba.

Bulimba Memorial Park playground

This lovely South Brisbane Park is the ultimate in fun for kids from infants through to older primary school with a combination of imaginative play equipment and lots of lovely traditional fun like slides and swings. There are slides suited to both big and little kids as well as monkey bars for some early gross motor development.

A large climbing net structure will amuse the older kids – there are several approaches of varying difficulty towards a central hub, with a hammock and large slide as a reward for those who are brave enough to complete a climb. 

The elements here include rope bridges, cargo nets, a pommel traverse, swinging rings and rope and metal ladders.   This rope play area is well shaded by a large shade sail. 

There are 2 sets of 2 swings (including toddler seats) which are always popular with younger playground visitors. The pendulum see saw is a hit with kids of all ages as well. There is also a multitude of fun equipment for imaginative play.

This is a spacious park with the playground stretched out along the eastern side to enjoy the shade of the trees and the proximity to the Oxford Street cafes. There is lots and lots of room for kids to play, run, kick and escape the four walls.

Bulimba Memorial Park rope area slide

Imagination Factor

There is a cafe type atmosphere with a great row of pretend shops so that lots of kids can play together. There is an amazing array of musical instruments and interactive flowers. Tie this in with the whimsy of the shading fig tree and you have a wonderful playground for kids. Pine Trees are nearby for some fantastic Christmas Craft with Pine Cones.

This is most definitely a local playground, with the equipment here reflecting the unique features of Bulimba.  The cafe culture, small businesses and local landmarks of Oxford Street and surrounds are reflected in the imaginative play store fronts and other elements. 

There are some percussive musical elements here so Brisbane Kids might imagine they’re performing a concert as they play the xylophone and bang the drums.

Bulimba Memorial Park playground info facts


Bulimba Memorial Park park is not especially suited to kids with special needs though there are toilets across the park near Godwin Street with disabled access.  The playground is partially fenced, with fencing between the play equipment and Stuart Street, but it is open to the grassy sporting fields that fill the majority of the park.

Bulimba Memorial Park features

  • Unfenced (partly fenced on road side)
  • Unisex Toilets including disabled access
  • Wood chip and soft fall based
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Play shops
  • Monkey bars
  • Rope climb elements
  • Playing field
  • Sheltered tables
  • Shady trees
  • Water Fountain
  • Lots of cafes nearby
  • Unisex Toilets including disabled access

Brisbane Parks nearby include Bulimba Riverside Park or further along the river Colmslie Beach Reserve.

How to get here

Bulimba Memorial Park is located at the corner of Oxford Street & Stuart Street, Bulimba.

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