Built For Speed at the Ipswich Art Gallery

Built For Speed: Ipswich Art Gallery

Built for Speed is on again at the Ipswich Art Gallery and it is easy to see why this is one of their most popular children’s exhibitions. It is an activity that demands interaction and instead of saying, “don’t touch”, you will be saying, “Go for it!”.

The joy and excitement in the room is palpable with kids strategising how to create the fastest, most awesome Lego car, and then testing it out on a variety of jumps, ramps and races.

First you must build it…

lego car exhibition build box ipswich

The exhibition is split into four areas which you can do in any order which makes for less line ups and more fun.

The walls are lined with creations from previous visitors provided inspiration to Brisbane Kids who might need a little more encouragement to begin their build.

The build tables allow for carers to participate and it’s a lovely opportunity to sit down with your kids and watch them build or build alongside them. Once they have their creation built it is time to test it on the jump or race ramp.

The Ipswich Art Gallery Race Tracks

fire race track ipswich art gallery

The race tracks will allow your kids get to see how their work stands up to speed and jumps, and can then head back to the tables to make any adjustments and improvements. This is where multi racing begins and is where you might find yourself being beaten by a five-year-old with better lego car building skills than you!

The Mega Ramp

mega ramp race track for kids

The Mega Ramp is so big that kids will need to add their built cars to a conveyor belt to be taken to the start of the race track.  There is a camera at the top of the ramp and a huge flat screen on the wall so that kids can see when their car is about to attempt the jump run.

Mastering this jump is difficult and may take several tries which makes it perfect for kids who are getting a little older and have a little more patience or like a challenge. The thrill of getting the car across the jump seemed to give all kids in the room great determination to keep adjusting their cars and resulted in cheers from all kids for those who made it across which gave a fantastic celebratory atmosphere to the room.

Some Quiet Time

medal room ipswich art gallery

Outside the Mega-ramp room are some quieter chill out zones. One space has a TV showing lots of race car videos and there is a craft area for the kids to make their own medals from a great variety of materials.

Idea: While sitting at this table I overheard a group of kids saying that they wanted to make some medals first so they could then have a proper ceremony at the end of the day.

Build your own track

racing tracks at the ipswich art gallery

The second quiet space is a bit larger and has long tracks that the kids can bend and loop, and create jumps from blocks, cylinders, and pieces of foam for to race smaller cars on. The cars are held by a staff member who is on hand to make sure that all kids get a go when it is busy. This is obviously a popular space and it is easy to see why. Kids are literally given free reign to create jumps that lead to tunnels that lead to loops and then adjusting the angles to get the car to make it all the way through.

Special Needs Considerations

ipswich art gallery sensory

The Ipswich Art Gallery avoids any harsh lighting and doesn’t have strobes or flashing lights. The quiet area is definitely the place to go if kids are becoming overwhelmed with the sensory input. Wheelchair access is easy at the Ipswich Art Gallery, with ramps leading to the gallery from both street entrances, as well as lifts to all levels. All of the tables are quite low to the floor, so you may want to bring a stable table for your child if they want to make a speed machine in their chair.

Taking a toddler to the Ipswich Art Gallery

toddlers ipswich art gallery

Younger children are catered for with an exclusive contained space for 0-3 year olds in each of the ramp rooms. These spaces have boxes and boxes of Duplo for the kids to build with, plus some cushioned ramps for them to play on or race their cars down.

Make a day of it

While there is no café in the gallery itself, there are lots of options for hungry Brisbane Kids when visiting the Ipswich Art Gallery. If you don’t feel like walking in the summer heat to one of the nearby cafes listed on their website, you can bring your own lunch that the super friendly gallery staff will store for you in cubby-holes.

They have converted the foyer into a quasi-lunch room with chairs so you can enjoy the air-conditioning while having a picnic. Outside the gallery is a magnificent rotunda that provides heaps of shade and a little breeze. Pass-outs are available so you can fuel up and return for another go!

Ticket Prices and Exhibition Dates

car chart ipswich art gallery

Built for Speed is the most ridiculously AWESOME exhibition for car-crazy kids (big and small), open and running at the Ipswich Art Gallery until Sunday, 18 February 2018, (closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day). It is open 10am-5pm daily.

Afternoons are quieter than mornings.

$5 per person or $15 for a family with any child under 2 free. You don’t need to book but if you have a group of 10 or more then email [email protected]

You do need to be there at all time to supervise all your children.

To find out more about this exhibition and future exhibitions head to https://www.ipswichartgallery.qld.gov.au

We would love to hear your feedback which you can leave in comments below!


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