Buderim Falls

buderim falls sunshine coast waterfall

Does your Brisbane Kid love getting outdoors and into nature? If you’re looking for an easy bushwalk that is only a short day trip away from Brisbane, Buderim Forest Park and Buderim Falls should be top of your list.

This picturesque spot is only 90-minutes drive from Brisbane and found in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, on the northern side of Buderim Mountain. Yet it feels a million miles away from any hustle and bustle.

It is also a pretty easy walk for even the shortest of legs, with lots of rock pools and sub-tropical rainforest delights to explore along the way.

Buderim Falls

Serenity Falls

Buderim Falls, which are also widely known as Serenity Falls, is accessed by a short 20 minute return walk through towering trees, strangler figs and ferns of the surrounding sub-tropical rainforest.

Along the way, make sure to stop to see if you can spot any local wildlife, especially lizards and snakes, or hear the beautiful calls of the local native birdlife, such as whipbirds and catbirds.  The waterfall flows all year-round, but looks more spectacular one or two days after heavy rainfall, when the water transforms from a trickle to a strong cascade down to the waterhole below.

You will find people swimming in the waterhole at the bottom of the falls, but because the creek that feeds the falls goes through urban areas and may include stormwater, the council does not recommend swimming. However, there are plenty of shallow rock pools to cool your feet in as you wander your way through the surrounding sub-tropical rainforest.

Buderim Falls bushwalk

bushwalk for kids to buderim falls

There are two bushwalks that lead to Buderim Falls, one from above the falls and the other along the creek to the bottom of the falls. Your choice of path should be based on your fitness and your child’s ability. 

Trail 1: The bush track from the top entrance is the most direct route, being only 350m long, but is also the steepest. Be prepared to hold onto your Brisbane Kid’s hand at times and navigate a number of stairs as you make your way down to the falls. However, you will soon find yourselves on Serenity Bridge, which is a picturesque wooden high arch bridge that overlooks the waterfalls. A set of steps on the other side of the bridge lead down to the base of the waterfall and the rock pool below.

Trail 2: Alternatively, you may want to access the falls from Harry’s Lane, located off the bottom of Lindsey Road. This pathway begins with an easy, stroller and wheelchair-accessible walk through the sub-tropical rainforest on a 600m-long elevated boardwalk. About halfway to the falls, the walkway ends and you must continue along a more rugged, typical bush path over rocks and the banks of Martins Creek to the base of the waterfalls. This section of the path is a little more tricky and may require younger Brisbane Kids’ hands at times, but if taken slowly and with caution, even younger kids should be able to navigate the path.

How to get to Buderim Falls

To get there, take Lindsey Road off the Main Street in Buderim Village and then take the first right onto Quorn Close. You will see signs for Buderim Falls and the Edna Walling Memorial Garden, which is found in the middle of the parking area at the start of the entrance to the Buderim Falls bushwalk. You can also reach the falls from the bottom of Lindsey road via Harry’s Lane. 

creek on the way to buderim forest wa

Martins Creek Buderim Fall Bushwalk

Martins Creek, part of the Buderim Falls Bushwalk

Available facilities at Buderim Falls

  • Barbecues, picnic tables, toilets and a good amount of parking are located at both the  Lindsey Road and Quorn Close entrances to Buderim Forest Park.  The Lindsey Road entrance also has a large grassy area that is perfect for letting the kids run around or kick a ball.
  • There are no facilities or toilets at the actual waterfalls.
  • Please also note that as Buderim Falls are located within a nature reserve dogs are not permitted, so you will need to leave your furry friends behind.

Review thanks to Gemma Westacott

Other helpful resources

More information on the bushwalking in the area and the difficulty of tracks https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/qld/sunshine-coast/buderim-forest-park


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