Brooking Parklands in Ripley | Ipswich adventure playground

Brooking Parklands in Ripley is a fun stage one playground catering to the more adventurous or older child who loves to climb and be up high. 

Brooking Parklands – The Fun

Brooking Park in Ripley is a climbers paradise, with multiple options for exercising those arms in legs in a range of adventure play equipment that will make the bigger kids happy. The most exciting feature is the large climbing frame in the centre of the park, with a variety of nets and platforms to keep them on the move. Along with this, the park boasts climbing domes for the more adventurous, and a climbing wall with ropes to pull themselves up, or foot and hand holds that give them a taste of indoor rock climbing, but in the great outdoors. There are 3 slides, wide enough to cater to children and adults, one slide even roomy enough for tandem sliders – however they are all fairly steep so perfect for young daredevils. For the younger playground adventurers, there are swings, as well as a see-saw and diggers in the sand. Nearby there is a covered BBQ area with a double hot plate BBQ available for use. There are also scattered park benches throughout the parklands and wide open areas perfect for a picnic or to kick a ball around.

Imagination Factor

The various climbing options will have older kids entertained for a long time at Brooking Parklands, with opportunities to monkey around and challenge themselves with various levels of difficulty. In fact, some of the equipment may even appeal to grown up ‘kids’ also. The options for younger children are limited, however they may find themselves content to sit and play in the sand that covers the area around the playground, particularly with the opportunity to use the ride on digger. The wide spaces also cater to young imaginations with plenty of room to move around, and easily within view of those supervising.

Special Needs

Brooking Parklands is not fenced, nor does it have any toilet facilities at the current time. It is noted this is stage one of the park development, with further features expected in future. The playground is situated over several levels, however there are paths to allow access for wheelchairs and prams. There are also walking paths nearby and across the road. Shelters and bench seating are located in many spots for public use.

Brooking Parklands – The Facts

  • Unfenced playground with shade sails
  • Rubber matting and sand base
  • Climbing structures for a variety of ages, from 5 and up
  • 3 slides
  • 3 swings
  • Limited younger children play equipment
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Bench seating throughout parklands
  • Picnic tables and shelters
  • Open areas for picnics
  • BBQ facilities
  • No toilet facilities
  • Street parking only

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Brooking Parklands is located at 582 Ripley Road, Ripley.

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