Brisbane’s Biggest Playground Slides

Buxton Park

Let us help you find all the best Brisbane playgrounds with huge slides. From traditional open slippery slides to thrilling tunnel rides, this is a post where we bring them all together for you in one handy list. The best thing about playgrounds with massive slides is that they often go hand in hand with an awesome playground, so we have linked to our full playground reviews on every playground we have highlighted. 

North Brisbane & Moreton

The Green at Carseldine Village

the green carseldine slide entry, carseldine playground

Another masterpiece from Urban Play playground designers, The Green at Carseldine Village is a spectacular multi-storey playground. Children scale a large tower and then choose one of two huge shaded metal tunnel slides to make their descent.

Where: The Green at Carseldine Village is located at 532 Beams Road, Carseldine.

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Frew Park at Milton

enclosed tunnel slide on multi storey playgrounnd at milton.

Frew Park on the site of the old Milton Tennis Centre is now the home of a huge multi-storey concrete playground structure. It features a huge twirly plastic tunnel slide (unshaded) and another shaded slide which is several metres long and a couple of metres wide. 

Where: Frew Park is located between Milton Road and Frew Street at Milton. Carpark access is via Frew Street.

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Cascade Playground in Upper Kedron

impressive multistorey orange playground

In a quiet cul de sac in Upper Kedron is a gem of a playground. Not your average suburban playground, Cascade Playground at Upper Kedron has a sky-high climbing tower, with some super-fast slides that will have your kids wanting to come back over and over again.

Where: Cascade Playground is located at the end of Cascade Place in Upper Kedron.

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South Brisbane 

Riverside Green Playground at South Bank Parklands

riverside green slippery slide

Riverside Green is one of two playgrounds on offer for kids in Brisbane. With 4 entry points catering for all ages and abilities, once up the top, kids can safely move between one of the 3 towers via rope bridges and climbing webs high above the ground before exiting through the one of three metal jumbo (shaded) enclosed slides.

Where: Riverside Green is located at South Bank Parklands, near the Boat Pool and behind the Courier Mail Piazza.

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Calamvale District Park

Picture an 8-metre high netting structure elevated over a spectacular adventure playground that has you moving from tower to tower across sky bridges and then ending that adventure with a slide down the biggest, coolest, enclosed metal slide. Welcome to Calamvale District Park which has many more impressive playspace features. Just be mindful that it lakes a lot of shade and so is best-experienced morning and afternoon, in winter and on cloudy days. 

Where: Calamvale District Park is located on Formby Street in Calamvale.

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Logan City

Roselea Park at Shailer Park

Shailer Park playground

Children can enjoy clambering up 4 storeys high to slide down a massive spiral super slide from the top. This is a huge hit with children of all ages and is very fast. This is a metal slide but is covered by shade sails. No toilets. 

Where: Roselea Park is located in Roselea Street in Shailer Park.

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Flagstone Adventure Park

Why have one huge slide when you can have 4! What we love most about Flagstone Adventure Park is the many different ways kids can climb to access the slides which have been paired off. One is accessed via a netting structure and the other via a tower climb and all are connected by a rope bridge. Kids can even have a race down adjacent slides! Two of the slides are metal, two are plastic (both are tunnels) and the playground is shaded. 

Where: Flagstone Adventure Park is located on Trailblazer Drive in Jimboomba.

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Buxton Park at Yarrabilba 

Buxton Park

Buxton Park features 2 huge plastic tunnel slides as a centrepiece to a feature-packed playground.  Children can access the slides via a huge wall-less tower which sits 8.7 m above the ground.  This unique method of climbing provides older children with a fun challenge to reach the openings of these curvy, shaded slides. 

Where: To get to Buxton Park, take Larimar Avenue off Yarrabilba Drive. It is located in the retreat on Buxton Avenue.

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Rotary Park at Bellbird Park

slide at brentwood forest

Rotary Park is surrounded by trees and for a suburban park, offers a truly impressive playscape for kids. Most impressive is its multistorey metal tunnel slide partly shaded by trees and partly shaded by shade sails. Kids can access the slide using an enclosed net climbing tunnel. No toilets. 

Where: Rotary Park is located off Columbia Drive in Brentwood Forest, Bellbird Park.

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Tucker Family Park at Bellbird Park

Very long tube slide in an outdoor park

Towering over the park is a one-of-a-kind cube play tower! The tower is 10-metres tall and features climbing structures to get from one cube block to the next with a huge 18-metre tube slide all the way back down. 

Where: Tucker Family Park is located on the corner of Alesana Drive and Ardie Court in Brentwood Forest, Bellbird Park,

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River Heart Parklands in Ipswich

Riverheart playground, bob gamble, ipswich playground

Well known for its water play features, River Heart Parklands, part of Bob Gamble Park, also includes an enormous metal slide. Towering metres off the ground, the impressive metal slide is accessed by climbing up to a tower via a netting structure. 

Where: River Heart Parklands is located at King Edward Parade at Ipswich.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How have you chosen these playgrounds? Obviously they need to have a huge slide and this proved quite challenging because it’s quite a subjective measure. There are plenty of parks not on this list that offer really awesome playgrounds with 3 – 4 metres slides. That said, the Brisbane Kids website only features the best playgrounds in Brisbane so all the playgrounds we review are more than likely to have a “decent slide”. You can find this enormous list under “Things to do” in our menu. We reserved this particular collection for those slides that just defy belief. Truly massive slides. 
  2. Are all the playgrounds with huge slides massive playgrounds in general? Commonly yes, but sometimes there are anomalies so we have included a link to each playground review so you can view the entire playspace in detail. You will notice some don’t have toilets which can prove a deal-breaker for some families. 
  3. Why do some areas in Brisbane seem to have more epic playgrounds with huge slides than others? When new areas are developed, it is common for developers to include a recreation area as part of their overall plan. The bigger the development generally means more money invested in these spaces. Developers use them as a way of attracting families to their communities but also to meet certain planning benchmarks. This means, if you live in an older part of Brisbane, you are less likely to have a super playground near you. It is not impossible that you will get one (Frew Park is a perfect example) but less likely as you will be relying on local government investment which is generally spent on maintaining and improving existing play areas.
  4. Why are there metal slides in Queensland? It’s a good question and we would just say this. It doesn’t matter if a slide is a metal or plastic, in the heat of a Brisbane summer’s day, any hard material that absorbs heat is likely to be too hot to play on. That said, many of the slides included in this collection have shade structures placed over them for an all-day play experience. 

If we have missed a playground with an epic slide then comment below. We haven’t included any from the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast but we will be adding them in the near future as the reviews are completed. Slide and enjoy! 


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